The JetBrains All Products Pack software includes all development tools from the JetBrains series, including 9 IDEs, 2 extensions, and 2 analyzers. The nine IDEs in the JetBrains All Products Pack are IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, Rider, PyCharm, CLion, PhpStorm, DataGrip, AppCode, GoLand, and RubyMine, which are suitable for various programming languages

IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA, also known as IntelliJ Integrated Development Environment, provides a complete integrated development environment for the Java programming language, including intelligent code assistant, automatic code prompt, refactoring, Java EE support, various version tools (git, svn, etc.), JUnit, CVS integration, code analysis, innovative GUI design, and other functions, which can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of Java development.

IntelliJ IDEA also supports languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Python, etc. Its flagship version includes numerous other features such as GUI design tools, version control tools, testing frameworks, etc., making it not only a Java development tool, but also a comprehensive software development platform.

The interface design of IntelliJ IDEA is simple and clear, and its operation is very smooth. Its plugin system can greatly expand its functions, including code analysis, automatic code formatting, custom queries, and replacements.



WebStorm is a JavaScript development tool that is widely regarded by Chinese JS developers as a "web front-end development tool", "the most powerful HTML5 editor", "the most intelligent JavaScript IDE", and so on.

WebStorm shares the same origin as IntelliJ IDEA and inherits the powerful JavaScript features of IntelliJ IDEA. However, it focuses more on front-end development and provides many features for front-end developers, such as full support for languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, built-in support for front-end frameworks such as Node.js, Angular, React, and professional support for front-end performance optimization and code quality improvement.

The interface design of WebStorm is simple and clear, and it is very smooth to use. It also supports a plugin system, which can be extended by installing plugins.



Rider provides intelligent code refactoring tools and syntax checkers to help users avoid common errors and code vulnerabilities, and supports custom key binding and shortcut keys, making users feel smoother and more comfortable to use.

Rider has comprehensive code analysis functions that can help users identify and solve code defects and performance issues, while supporting multiple NET project types, including ASP NET, Xamarin, and Unity, and support various plugins developed for ReSharper and IntelliJ Platform.

In addition, Rider also supports front-end development technologies, including JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, and Sass, with built-in refactoring, debugging, and unit testing capabilities.

Rider's interface style is simple and easy to operate, and has been proven to support multiple applications in different fields NET project type, developed by JetBrains



PyCharm is a Python integrated development environment (IDE) that has many powerful features, such as debugging, syntax highlighting, project management, code jumping, intelligent prompts, autocompletion, unit testing, version control, and more. These features can help users improve efficiency when developing using the Python language. For example, through its debugging function, users can set breakpoints and gradually execute code to find and resolve errors. Grammar highlighting allows different parts of the code to be displayed in different colors, making the code easier to read and understand. Intelligent prompts and automatic completion can help users write code faster, reducing spelling errors and code redundancy.

In addition, PyCharm also supports professional web development under the Django framework, providing advanced features such as support for the Django framework, database tools, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery tools.

The interface design of PyCharm is concise and clear, making it very smooth to use. It also supports a plugin system, which can be extended by installing plugins.



Clion is a cross platform IDE designed specifically for developing C and C++. It is designed based on IntelliJ and includes many intelligent features to improve developer productivity.

Clion's main functions:

    ·Provide C and C++support (including C++, libc++, and Boost), as well as support for JavaScript, XML, HTML, and CSS.

    ·Cross platform: can be used on 64 bit Linux, OS X, and 64 bit Windows.

   ·Provide support for Cmake, including automatic processing of Cmake changes and targets, updating newly created C/C++files, and the Cmake Cache editor.

    ·Safe and reliable automatic code refactoring function.




PhpStorm is a commercial PHP integrated development tool aimed at improving user efficiency, providing a deep understanding of user coding, intelligent code completion, fast navigation, and instant error checking.

PhpStorm has powerful features such as code completion, code analysis, code refactoring, code quality analysis, code debugging, version control, etc. It also supports multiple databases and version control systems, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Git, and more.

In addition, PhpStorm also provides many convenient functions, such as code snippets, code generation, automatic refactoring, automatic class import, automatic formatting of code, automatic saving, and so on. It also supports displaying the same item on multiple screens and displaying the same file in multiple windows.



DataGrip is a comprehensive database IDE for SQL developers.

DataGrip has practical features and provides a well-designed modern interface that is very intuitive. By using this intuitive IDE to manage multiple types of databases, it is easy to write SQL code and provide various useful functions. DataGrip provides context aware code completion to help you improve the speed of writing SQL code.

DataGrip provides a large number of third-party plugins through the plugin market, extending the functionality of DataGrip. Download the DataGrip software installation package.

DataGrip has functions such as intelligent code refactoring, code defect detection, and code formatting. DataGrip supports advanced database operations such as data sharding and distributed transactions. DataGrip supports various data management methods such as data table editing, data management, scripts, and queries, and provides various types of data query and user permission management functions. DataGrip provides templates for various databases to help users quickly create database objects.



AppCode provides developers with many practical functions, such as code checking, unit testing, code refactoring, etc. In addition, it also supports multiple languages, such as Objective-C, Swift, C, and C++(including modern C++standards, libc++, and Boost), as well as JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS, and XPath.

The interface of AppCode is simple and intuitive, and developers can customize it according to their own habits and preferences. It also provides rich plugins and extensions to help developers write code more efficiently.

AppCode also supports version control, including version control tools such as Subversion, Git, Perforce, and CVS, making it easy to manage code versions.

Overall, AppCode is a powerful and easy-to-use integrated development environment suitable for developers on platforms such as Mac, iPhone, and iPad, helping them write high-quality code more efficiently.





GoLand is an integrated development environment (IDE) developed by JetBrains for the Go language.

It supports various shortcut keys and command-line tools, making it easy for users to develop quickly. It also has open APIs and SDKs, allowing developers to conduct secondary development and integration.

GoLand has good performance and fast response characteristics, which can greatly improve development efficiency and support custom export and packaging tools such as Gulp, Grunt, etc. It contains a large number of documents and tutorials, making it easy for developers to learn and improve themselves. It also supports various beautification and compression tools, which can improve the aesthetics and performance of applications.

GoLand supports multiple development scenarios, including web development, cloud native development, and machine learning, and supports code snippets and quick navigation, which can help users quickly complete complex tasks.

GoLand has the ability to integrate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which can help developers and designers easily create web applications. It also supports full screen mode for Windows, Linux, and macOS, as well as various common code version management systems such as Git, Mercurial, and Subversion




RubyMine is an integrated development environment (IDE) prepared by JetBrains for Ruby and Rails developers.

RubyMine comes with all the necessary features for developers and tightly integrates them into a convenient development environment, thus greatly increasing the development efficiency of Ruby and Rails developers.

RubyMine provides developers with a series of functions, such as intelligent code editing, code refactoring, automatic code formatting, autocompletion, code prompts, code refactoring, debugging, testing, version control, etc. These functions can help developers improve development efficiency.

In addition, RubyMine also supports multiple languages such as Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and various version control systems such as Git, Subversion, etc. These features can help developers better manage code and develop projects.

RubyMine also provides many other features, such as code analysis, code quality assessment, integration document querying, integration test running, etc. These features can help developers better understand the code and test running situation, as well as better manage code quality.

In summary, RubyMine is a powerful and easy-to-use integrated development environment suitable for platforms such as Windows, Linux, and macOS, helping developers write high-quality code more efficiently

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