V-ray is a rendering software developed by professional renderer development company CHAOSGROUP, and is the most popular rendering engine in the industry.

Developed based on the V-Ray kernel, there are many versions such as V-Ray for 3Dmax, Maya, Sketchup, Rhino, etc., providing high-quality image and animation rendering for excellent 3D modeling software in different fields. In addition, V-Ray can also provide a separate rendering program, making it convenient for users to render various images.

The V-Ray renderer provides a special material - VrayMtl. Using this material in the scene can achieve more accurate physical illumination (light energy distribution), faster rendering, and more convenient adjustment of reflection and refraction parameters. With VrayMtl, you can apply different texture maps, control their reflection and refraction, add Bump mapping and displacement maps, force direct global illumination calculation, and select BRDF for materials.

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