Microsoft Visual Studio (VS) is a development toolkit series product from Microsoft Corporation in the United States. VS is a basic and complete development tool set that includes most of the tools required throughout the software lifecycle, such as UML tools, code control tools, integrated development environments (IDEs), and so on. The object code written is applicable to all platforms supported by Microsoft, including Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile, Windows CE,. NET Framework,. NET Compact Framework, and Microsoft Silverlight and Windows Phone.

The latest version of Visual Studio is Visual Studio 2022, based on the. NET Framework 4.8.

On June 17, 2021, the first preview version of Visual Studio 2022 Preview 1 was released as a 64 bit version.


Version status

VS 2008


Visual Studio 2008 provides developers with key improvements in three areas:

Rapid application development

Efficient teamwork

Breakthrough user experience

Visual Studio 2008 provides advanced development tools, debugging features, database features, and innovative features to help quickly create state-of-the-art applications on various platforms.

Visual Studio 2008 includes various enhancements, such as visual designers (accelerated development using the. NET Framework 3.5), significant improvements to web development tools, and language enhancements that can accelerate development and processing of all types of data. Visual Studio 2008 provides developers with all relevant tools and framework support to help create eye-catching, impressive, and AJAX capable web applications.

Developers can easily build customer-centric web applications using these rich client-side and server-side frameworks, which can integrate any backend data provider, run within any current browser, and have full access to ASP NET application services and the Microsoft platform.

Program Development

To help developers quickly create advanced software, Visual Studio 2008 provides improved language and data features, such as Language Integrated Query (LINQ), which allows programmers to easily build solutions to analyze and process information.

Visual Studio 2008 also enables developers to create applications targeting multiple versions of the. NET Framework from within the same development environment. Developers can build applications targeting. NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, or 3.5, which means they can support a variety of projects in the same environment.


User Experience

Visual Studio 2008 provides developers with new tools to accelerate the creation of tightly connected applications on the latest platforms, including Web, Windows Vista, Office 2007, SQL Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008. For the web, ASP NET AJAX and other new technologies enable developers to quickly create a new generation of web experiences that are more efficient, interactive, and personalized.

On June 23, 2022, it was reported that Windows 11 internal personnel using Visual Studio 2022 may encounter performance issues.


Efficient teamwork

Visual Studio 2008 provides extended and improved service projects to help development teams improve collaboration, including tools to help integrate database professionals and graphic designers into the development process.


VS 2010


Supporting Windows Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing architecture has reached an important milestone.

Assist in the development of mobile and embedded devices, with unlimited business opportunities for three screens and one cloud.

Practice the most popular Agile/Scrum development method currently and strengthen team competitiveness.

Upgraded software testing functions and tools strictly control software quality.

Paired with Windows 7, Silverlight4, and Office, unleashing the power of multi-core parallel computing,

Create a new generation of software that emphasizes both aesthetics and efficiency.

Support the latest C++standards, enhance the IDE, and effectively improve programmer development efficiency.



Visual Studio supports users to develop through multiple different programming languages, but the languages supported by previous versions are not exactly the same. For example, in Visual Studio. NET 2002, Microsoft upgraded Visual J++to Visual J #, but by Visual Studio 2008, Visual J # was no longer supported; In Visual Studio 2010, support for the new language Visual F # was incorporated. Visual Studio 2010 natively supports four programming languages: Visual Basic, Visual C #, Visual C++, and Visual F #.


Visual Basic 2010

Visual Basic 2010 (version 10.0) provides support for the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR). Visual Basic 2010 is also part of the Silverlight 2.0 program.


Visual C++ 2010

Visual C++2010 (version 10.0), released in 2010. The Visual C++development team is considering using a SQL Server Compact format database to store source code related information. This version also incorporates the modern C++parallel computing library Parallel Patterns Library. This version is built on top of the. NET Framework 4.0, but still supports machine code compilation.



Visual C# 2010

Visual C # 2010 (version 4.0) is an object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft and an important component of the Microsoft. NET development environment. It is designed to generate multiple applications running on the. NET Framework. C # is simple, powerful, type safe, and object-oriented. With its many innovations, C # enables rapid development of applications while maintaining the representation and elegance of the C-style language.


Visual F# 2010

Visual F # (version 2.0) is a programming language developed by Microsoft to provide a runtime environment for the Microsoft. NET language. It is a functional programming language (FP), and the most important foundation of the functional programming language is Lambda Calculus. It is based on OCaml, which is an ML functional programming language. Sometimes F # and OCaml programs can be compiled interactively.


VS 2012

Visual Studio 2012简介


Visual Studio 2012, as an integrated solution, is suitable for individuals or development teams of all sizes. Visual Studio 2012 has achieved seamless collaboration among colleagues, improved production efficiency and focus, and ultimately turned good ideas into excellent real-world applications.

Users can use flexible and agile planning tools such as capacity planning, task boards, and backlog management to achieve incremental development techniques and agile methods at their own pace. The use of advanced modeling, discovery, and architecture tools can describe a user's system and help ensure the implementation of their architectural vision.

Visual Studio 2012 is a comprehensive product series suitable for every organization, group, and individual developer who wants to upgrade or create exciting applications. VS2012 simplifies the product family by integrating features from previous individual products and adding new powerful features to each version, making it more suitable for developing Windows 8 specialized programs.

Visual Studio 2012 won the Jolt Award, also known as the Academy Award in the software industry, and the 2013 Productivity Award. Visual Studio has gradually expanded the software industry to include software design and collaboration, lifecycle, and change management systems. The 2012 version of Visual Studio provides a simpler and more optimized interface, enabling easy navigation of project applications; Added a visualization toolkit for Windows 8 projects, and added the latest templates, tools, and comprehensive support for new standards such as HTML5 and CSS3 for web development.



The paid version of Visual Studio 2012 includes the following versions:


Ultimate 2012 with MSDN MSDN Ultimate Edition: Contains the most comprehensive Visual Studio suite features and Ultimate MSDN subscriptions. In addition to all the features of the Premium version, it also includes visual project dependency analysis components, error and vulnerability replay components (IntelliTrace), visual code change impact, performance analysis diagnosis, performance and load testing, and architecture design tools.

Premium 2012 with MSDN MSDN Advanced Edition: Includes Premium Edition MSDN subscription, in addition to all Professional 2012 with MSDN features, it also includes peer code review function, suspend recovery function (TFS) during multitasking, automated UI testing function, test case and test plan tool, agile project management tool, virtual laboratory, duplicate code search function, and test coverage tool.

Professional 2012 with MSDN MSDN Professional Edition: includes Professional Edition MSDN subscriptions, including all Professional 2012 feature packs, Windows TFS production environment licensing, and online continuous access to updates.


Professional 2012:Includes the ability to develop solutions for web, desktop, server, Azure, and Windows Phone in an IDE, as well as the ability to debug, analyze, and optimize applications, as well as the ability to verify code quality through unit testing.


Test Professional 2012 with MSDN : MSDN subscription with Test Professional version, including testing, quality analysis, and team management functions, but excluding code writing and debugging functions. It has TFS production environment authorization and includes Windows Azure account, Windows online store account, and Windows Phone store account.

In addition, Visual Studio 2012 also offers a free version of Visual Studio Express 2012 (Express Edition) suitable for both students and beginners.




Six new features of VS2012:


The biggest new feature of VS2012 compared to VS2010 is its support for Windows 8 Metro development. Metro is born for the cloud+platform, and design that is concise, digital, content superior to form, and emphasizes interaction has become a future trend. However, for developers to use this new feature, they must install Windows 8 RP version. This version includes a new Metro application template, added JavaScript functionality, a new animation library, and improved performance for Metro applications using XAML.

2. VS2012 RC is easier to use on the interface than the Beta version, with colorful icons and color schemes distinguished by development, running, debugging, and other environments that are irresistible.

3. VS2012 integrates with ASP. NET MVC 4 and fully supports mobile and HTML5. Compared to WF 4, WF 4.5 is more mature and the long-awaited state extreme workflow has returned. Even better, its designer already supports C # expressions (previously only VB. NET).

4. VS2012 supports. NET 4.5, which is more refined and improved compared to. NET 4.0. 4.5 is also the first framework library proposed for Windows RT, and. NET has received the same treatment as the Windows API.

5. VS2012+TFS2012 has achieved better lifecycle management. It can be said that VS2012 is not only a development tool, but also a management information system for the team.

6. VS2012 does not consume much system resources, but requires support from Windows 7/8. Characteristics:


VS 2013

Microsoft has broken the tradition of upgrading Visual Studio every two years. Less than a year after the release of Visual Studio 2012, Microsoft plans to release Visual Studio 2013. At the 2013 TechEd conference, Microsoft announced that at the BUILD Global Developers Conference at the end of June 2013, not only will you be able to see a preview version of Windows 8.1, but you can also download preview versions of Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server 2013.

Visual Studio 2013 has added Code information indicators, Team Room, identity recognition,. NET memory dump analyzer, agile development project templates, Git support, and stronger unit testing support.



VS 2015

Visual Studio 2015 includes many new and exciting features to support cross platform mobile development, web and cloud development, and IDE productivity enhancement.


VS 2022

On November 14, 2022, Microsoft revealed that the recently launched Visual Studio 2022 17.4 allows users to roll back to old versions when encountering any issues.



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