Charles is an HTTP proxy server, HTTP monitor, and reverse proxy server. When the browser connects to Charles' proxy to access the internet, Charles can monitor all data sent and received by the browser. It allows a developer to view all HTTP communication connected to the internet, including requests, responses, and HTTP headers (including cookies and caching information).

Main functions:

Supports SSL proxy. Can intercept and analyze SSL requests.

Support flow control. It can simulate slow networks and requests with long latency.

Support AJAX debugging. JSON or XML data can be automatically formatted for easy viewing.

Support AMF debugging. You can format Flash Remote or Flex Remote information for easy viewing.

Support for resending network requests, facilitating backend debugging.

Support modifying network request parameters.

Support the interception and dynamic modification of network requests.

Check if HTML, CSS, and RSS content comply with W3C standards.

Attention: In special circumstances, this software may encounter the problem of hijacking the browser, resulting in inability to browse web pages (please use it with caution).

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