TeamCity is a powerful continuous integration tool that includes server-side and client-side support for Java and. NET project development


Technological Information

TeamCity provides a series of features that enable teams to quickly achieve continuous integration: IDE tool integration, various message notifications, various reports, project management, distributed compilation, and more. All of these enable your team to quickly enjoy the efficiency improvement and high-quality software guarantee brought by continuous integration.
With TeamCity, you can configure a build server for your project in just a few minutes, which includes continuous unit testing, code quality analysis, and early build problem analysis reports. You can even do it in the IDE.
TeamCity provides a smooth learning curve, allowing you to gradually learn its advanced features and functions, and quickly strengthen your publishing management practices. This release has made significant improvements in usability, with the updated IDE plugin supporting CVS and SVN, as well as some enterprise level features that were not available in previous versions.


Advantage Features

· Integrate with all popular build and testing tools, including Maven, NPM, Gradle, and MSBuild; 

Integration of tools such as Maven, NPM, Gradle, and MSBuild
·It can report running tests in real-time, retain their construction history, record their duration, and mark unstable tests as unstable;


Real time reporting of running tests
·Build an application with source code distributed across multiple warehouses through a construction chain, run multiple builds and tests in parallel, and utilize many intelligent optimizations to save time running incremental builds;


Application of Building Chain to Distribute Source Code in Multiple Warehouses

·Able to use Kotlin to write CI/CD configurations, providing a fully functional programming language and powerful features of its toolkit.



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