IText is a PDF document processing tool library developed by iText Group, a Dutch company. It provides a series of functions for processing PDF documents, including creating, editing, parsing, and encrypting PDF files.

IText has a wide range of application scenarios, such as generating PDF contracts, file anti-counterfeiting, PDF watermarking, PDF encryption, PDF signature, etc.

IText is a PDF processing library for the Java programming language, but it can also be used in other programming languages.

IText supports processing multiple elements of PDF, such as text, images, tables, barcodes, watermarks, bookmarks, encryption, etc.

IText supports various PDF operations, such as merging, splitting, rotating, cropping, encryption, decryption, bookmarking, adding metadata, and so on.

IText can also be integrated with BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) to generate PDF reports and documents.

IText has a flexible API and good performance, which can efficiently process a large number of PDF documents, making it widely used in enterprises and individuals.


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