SnapIt is a well-known excellent screen, text, and video capture, editing, and conversion software for Windows, which can capture, edit, and share all objects on your computer screen.


Captured videos can only be saved in AVI format. Text can only be captured in a certain area. Images can be saved in BMP, PCX, TIF, GIF, PNG, or JPEG formats, and JPEG can be used to specify the desired compression level (from 1% to 99%).


Brief introduction


Can capture Windows and DOS screens; RM movies, game graphics; Menu, window, customer area window, last active window, or area defined with the mouse. You can choose whether to include the cursor and add a watermark. In addition, it also has automatic scaling, color reduction, monochrome conversion, dithering, and conversion to grayscale.

In addition, SnapIT can also be edited using its built-in editor before saving the captured images on the screen; You can also choose to automatically send it to the SnapIt virtual printer or Windows clipboard, or send it directly via email.

SnapIt has the unique ability to directly convert text blocks displayed on the Windows desktop into machine readable text, some of which are similar to some OCR software, and this feature does not even require cutting and pasting. The program supports DDE, so other programs can control and automatically capture the screen. It can also be embedded in Word, PowerPoint, and IE browsers.

Using SnapIt's capture interface, you can capture images, text, and printouts on your Windows PC, and then improve the capture results through an embedded editor. SnapIt Screen Capture enhances the functionality of your PrintScreen key.


Software features

Snagit is an excellent software for capturing graphics, and compared to other screen capture software, it has the following characteristics:

1. There are many types of capture: not only can static images be captured, but dynamic images and sounds can also be obtained, and only text can be obtained within the selected range.

2. The capture range is extremely flexible: you can choose the entire screen, a stationary or active window, or you can freely choose the capture content yourself.

3. There are multiple types of output: it can be output in the form of a file, or the captured content can be directly sent to friends via email, and it can also be edited into a book.

4. Equipped with simple graphic processing function: its filtering function allows for simple processing of graphic colors, as well as zooming in or out of graphics.

The latest version of SnapIt is currently SnapIt 12.



Development advantages

1. SnapIt provides 11 preset capture modes, presented in vivid icon form, easy to understand! In addition, you can also customize settings to achieve more personalized capture fun;

2. Create screenshots with shaded effects, increase perspective effects, highlight key areas, or create more vivid effects;

3. Easy collage of images, which can be easily completed with just a click of the mouse;

4. Automatically save all captured images, eliminating the hassle of naming files and selecting paths;

5. Whether the captured images have been saved or not, they can be retrieved at any time through SnapIt's powerful visual search tool;

6. The SnapIt editor provides a brand new menu design to help you quickly find your commonly used functions;

7. Provide labeling function, which can integrate a series of screenshots of a project together, so you no longer have to worry about forgetting which folder to save in;

8. You can directly embed images into Office documents, MindManager, or OneNote pages, and collaborative work can immediately unfold.



View function


1: Library - Search, view, and manage image text and video files;

2: Shake - Move the image without changing its size;

3: Zoom - Scaling the image on the canvas;

4: Windows - Cascade, arrange, or switch windows in software.

Capture operation

1. All in One full screen mode, Full Screen full screen mode, Copy to clipboard clipboard mode;

2. Save the webpage in PDF mode (keep links) or Copy text to clipboard text mode;

3. Free hand mode, Menu with time delay mode; Regional mode;

4. Window mode, scrolling mode, text capture mode, and screen recording mode;

5. Images from Web Page in batch screenshot mode and Object specified object mode.


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