Sony Vegas is a professional video editing software that is now being produced as Vegas Movie Studio ™ , It is a simplified and efficient version of the Professional Edition, which will become the best entry-level video editing software on PCs.

Sony Vegas has powerful post processing capabilities that allow for the editing and synthesis of video materials, adding special effects, adjusting colors, editing subtitles, and more. It also includes powerful audio processing tools that can add sound effects, record sound, handle noise, and generate Dolby 5.1 surround sound for video materials. In addition, Vegas can quickly output edited videos into various formats of movies, directly publish them on the internet, burn them to CDs, or record them back to tapes.



Vegas provides comprehensive HDV, SD/HD-SDI acquisition, editing, and recording support, and professional SDI acquisition support is achieved through Blackmagic DeckLink hardware cards; True 14-bit analog 4:4:4 HDTV and SD monitor output; Support screen display of DVI/VGA/1394 external monitors; Support broadcast level AAF and BWF input and output; Provide VST audio plugin support, etc. In terms of editing, new features such as System wide media management, Project Nesting, Tape style audio scrubbing, A/V synchronization detection and repair, Improved multiprocessor support, Super frame conversions: HDV 1080-60i to SD 24p MPEG-2, or 1080-60i to 720-24p and 1080-24p WMV HD are provided. The "Super Frame Rate Conversion" function provides perfect conversion of HDV 1080-60i to SD 24p MPEG-2 and HDV 1080-60i to 720-24p and 1080-24p WMV HD formats. DVD Architect 3 supports industrial publishing grade formats such as double-layer DVD-9, DLT, DDP, CMF, etc. Photoshop (PSD) format file layer support; The menu theme output function allows you to preserve and analyze more design styles. The intelligent project file patching function provides more fault-tolerant design. Support multi angle videos and multi language subtitles. Support CSS and Macrovision copyright protection measures.




New version introduction

Sony Vegas


The Sony Vegas family has four series, including Vegas Movie Studio, Vegas Movie Studio Platinum, Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Pro Pack, and Vegas Pro. The first three series are product solutions for civilian grade nonlinear editing systems, while the latter Sony Vegas Pro is an audio and video editing system prepared for professional film and television producers, which can produce and edit more perfect video effects and basically meet the needs of film and television enthusiasts.

On April 17, 2014, Sony Vegas Pro 13 was officially launched and only supports 64 bit operating systems.

On October 11, 2010, Sony Vegas Pro 10 was officially launched with even more powerful features, including 3D film editing function, GPU's AVC encoding operation, image stabilization function, and track management.

At the IBC exhibition on September 7, 2007, SONY Creative Company will officially announce the latest version of the Vegas software. The Vegas Pro 8 will include core technologies that provide optimized HD editing, as well as the SONY AVCHD pipeline. He has also improved the performance of playback, strengthened support for XDCAM engineering, new subtitle technology, improved editing capabilities, and more significant updates and features.



Vegas Pro 8 is the ultimate multifunctional software product for all professionals. He assembled Vegas Pro 8, DVD Architect Pro 4.5, and Dolby Digital AC-3 encoding software into a series of packages, providing fast speed, powerful functionality, and maximum creative efficiency. Whether you need powerful video editing, precise audio control, or tools for DVD creation, the Vegas Pro 8 is a complete professional HD editing, audio editing, and DVD production product. He has included the following updates:

The Vegas Pro package includes Vegas Pro 8, DVD Architect Pro 4.5, and Dolby Digital AC-3 encoding software, providing you with a comprehensive application environment for professional video, audio, DVD, and broadcast production. These tools allow you to edit and create DV, AVCHD, HDV, SD/HD-SDI, and XDCAM formats in real-time, accurately adjust audio, and create surround sound, double-layer DVDs.

Editing tools: Use drag and drop functions, mouse building functions, and 'ripple' editing functions, including professional subtitle technology, multi-directional editing tools, 32-bit floating point video processing, custom window previews, enhanced HDV/SDI/XDCAM support, Cinescore plugin support, A/V synchronization detection and repair, as well as auto frame quantization, and many other precise tools to edit your SD or HD videos.

Audio control: Infinite track, 24 bit/192 kHz audio, punch in recording (a patching technique for recording), 5.1 surround reverb, automatic sound effect control, and compression/extension time. Real time use of audio effects such as EQ, invert, delay, etc. Using DirectX ® Expand your audio processing and mixing options with the VST audio plugin. Use the mixing console to accurately adjust audio properties.



Interactive tutorial: The Vegas Pro 8 software comes with a comprehensive help system and also offers step-by-step interactive teaching for beginners to learn and get started. These teaching methods provide a simple and user-friendly operating process, thereby learning the knowledge that requires mastering software and completing basic tasks.

Video processing: 32-bit floating-point video processing greatly surpasses the traditional standard of 10 bit floating-point processing. Providing a wider color gamut and brighter colors, reducing the generation of color bars and color blocks, optical synthesis correction of line light source capabilities, and more enhancements.

Digital ID support: The Vegas Pro 8 supports the latest digital IDs, making video creation easier. When shooting display catalogs, many tripods have a camera tilt of 90 degrees. With Vegas Pro 8, you can use the new 'rotation' setting in the video tab of the project properties, or you can edit this format using the 'rotation' setting in the media properties window. In order to quickly and easily rotate the source media, the Vegas Pro 8 software can provide a wide screen format for vertical displays without rotating the output of the project.

Keyframes and transitions: Add keyframes to the timeline of DVD Architect Pro to make projects such as buttons and graphics active. You can also control the cropping of the screen through keyframes.



DVD-RDL support: Slide animation, automatically cropping and scaling your slide images to the same standard.


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