Camtasia Studio is a professional software suite for screen recording and video editing. The software provides powerful screen recording (Camtasia Recorder), video editing and editing (Camtasia Studio), video menu production (Camtasia MenuMaker), video theater (Camtasia Theater), and video playback functions (Camtasia Player). With this suite of software, users can easily record and dub screen operations, edit videos and cutscenes, add captions and watermarks, create video covers and menus, compress and play videos.


Software features

Camtasia is a software package produced by TechSmith in the United States that integrates computer screen recording and video editing. It also includes built-in functions for Camtasia recorder, Camtasia Studio (editor), Camtasia menu maker, Camtasia theater, Camtasia player, and Screencast.


Video recorder

Recording screen function


(1) The Camtasia recorder can easily record screen actions in any color mode, including cursor movement, menu selection, pop-up windows, cascading windows, typing, and all other visible content on the screen. In addition to recording the screen, Camtasia Record also allows you to draw pictures and add effects on the screen during recording, in order to mark the key content you want to record. Record PPT function.



(2) Using the Camtasia Studio PPT plugin, you can quickly record PowerPoint videos and convert them into interactive recordings on web pages, as well as convert them to most video formats such as avi, swf, and more.

(3) Whether it's recording a screen or PPT, you can record both sound and webcam recordings while recording. When creating the final video, you can embed the camera recording in a picture in picture format into the main video. When recording, you can add tags, system icons, titles, sound effects, mouse effects, and draw pictures while recording.



You can create a Camtasia Studio project for repeated modifications in the future.

On the timeline, you can cut a selection, hide or display a portion of the video, segment video clips, expand video frames to fit sound, change the duration of clips or frames, adjust clip speed to make fast forward or slow down effects, save the current frame as an image, add tags to generate a video directory;

At the same time, you can also perform voice editing, record voice narration, perform voice enhancement, and save sound files as MP3 or WAV files;



You can also add effects to videos, such as creating title clips, autofocus, manually adding zoom keyframes, editing zoom keyframes, adding annotations, adding transition effects, adding subtitles, quick quizzes and surveys, picture in picture, and adding metadata.

In Camtasia Studio (editor), you can also create videos in various formats:

Creating Flash (MPEG-4, FLV, or SWF)


Creating a Windows Media Player Program (WMV)

Create QuickTime Movie (MOV)

Create AVI

Creating an iPod, iPhone, or iTunes (M4V)

Produce audio only (MP3)

Creating Real Media (RM)

Creating Camtasia for RealPlayer (CAMV)

Creating an Animation File (GIF)

At the same time, you can make further settings such as video size, video options, tag based custom views, post processing (post production) options, create additional output options, save production settings as presets, create a selection of videos on the timeline, preview production settings, batch production packaging and display executable files, packaging and display AVI options, packaging and display SWF options, packaging and display CAMV options.


Menu Maker


Using the Camtasia menu maker, you can create an attractive menu to launch your files. Using a menu to create, copies of all files are placed in a central location, making it easy to open or close files or applications. This means that when giving speeches or teaching, there is no need to search for more drives, paths, and folders. You can easily create a CD-ROM that can be displayed by using menus, which is a perfect way to publish information to customers, students, workgroups, and more. You can use different numbers of templates included in menu creation or create your own personalized templates.

You can choose a template for menu creation, select files to include on the CD, enter menu titles, use wizards to generate menus, add submenus, add menu options and attributes, customize menus using menu attribute label options, and move content between menus or menus.




Using Camtasia Theater, you can create new theater projects: bind multiple Flash files created by Camtasia Studio into a separate web menu; You can also edit Flash works or theater projects: You can edit Flash files created by Camtasia Studio without copying video files repeatedly into the production wizard. Simple changes can be made, such as correcting typing errors, adding directory entries, and so on.

You can create new theater projects, edit Flash works or theater projects, personalize theater projects, edit directory entries, add directory images, preset theaters, save and preview theater projects.



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