ONLYOFFICE and Odoo integration


In May 2023, the first ONLYOFFICE connector was used for Odoo: a Belgian commercial software tool kit. This application is compatible with the Odoo Community Edition and can upload or attach files (such as "sales", "discussions", etc.), as well as handle office documents uploaded in Odoo.

The newly released application allows you to use ONLYOFFICE documents in the Odoo Enterprise Edition. You can view the differences between different versions of Odoo.

How to use this application?

In addition to basic app features (also available in the Odoo Community Edition), we can also create, edit, and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in the document module of the Odoo Enterprise Edition.

To create a new office file, click on "Create using ONLYOFFICE" on the top panel. Select the file type and enter its name in the pop-up window.




To open a file for editing and collaboration, simply select the desired document in the file list and click the ONLYOFFICE icon on the right panel. Then it will automatically open the corresponding ONLYOFFICE editor in a new tab in full screen mode.




How to install and configure an application?

The ONLYOFFICE application for Odoo Enterprise Edition is available in the Odoo App Store. You can easily install from the "Management Panel" ->"Applications" ->"ONLYOFFICE Documents".

All settings are configured through the ONLYOFFICE application for the Odoo Community Edition, which is automatically installed when the Odoo Enterprise Edition application is installed.

To adjust the settings in Odoo, go to "Main Menu" ->"Settings -">"ONLYOFFICE". There, you can specify the document server URL, JWT key, and header.




Please note that in addition to integrating applications, an ONLYOFFICE document instance is also required. You can install a self managed version of the editor.