ONLYOFFICE has released an official connector for the CRM tool Pipedrive. Users can now create and upload text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in Pipedrive Deals.



About Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a web-based sales CRM and workflow management solution designed by sales personnel for sales personnel. Enterprises can use it to plan sales activities and control transactions. From potential transactions to successful sales, Pipedrive can support all its related functions.

Users can track pending activities in each workflow. Pipedrive also supports custom sales reporting tools to monitor individual and team goals, analyze sales data, and generate visual reports.

ONLYOFFICE application for Pipedrive

You can directly use ONLYOFFICE to process office documents in Pipedrive.

Users can upload existing text documents, spreadsheets, or presentations, or create new text documents, spreadsheets, or presentations in the ONLYOFFICE documents section.

In addition, anyone with access to the transaction can open the file for editing. Colleagues can use collaborative features such as comments or built-in chat to edit these files in real-time.




How do I install this application?

To process documents in Pipedrive, you need an ONLYOFFICE document instance. You can download a self hosted version or create an account in the cloud (without downloading and installing)

ONLYOFFICE 应用程序可从 Pipedrive 应用市场获取。请按照下列步骤进行安装:

    Log in to your Pipedrive account or register a new account.
    Click on the market icon on the left toolbar.
     Search for the ONLYOFFICE page and click on Authorize.
    Then allow the application to have the following permissions and continue the installation by clicking the 'Allow and Install' button.


How to configure integration?

To configure the application, go to Tools and Integrations ->Marketplace apps ->ONLYOFFICE settings page.

Set the following parameters:

    Document Server: Enter the name of the installation ONLYOFFICE document server or the address of the ONLYOFFICE document cloud。

   Document Server JWT Key: Starting from ONLYOFFICE document version 7.2, JWT is enabled by default, and for security reasons and data integrity, a key is automatically generated to restrict access to the editor. You can set your own document server key on the settings page. In the ONLYOFFICE document configuration file, set the same key to enable authentication.。