About China National Knowledge Infrastructure


China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) is a high-tech enterprise that publishes digital academic materials and provides knowledge management for the education sector in China. CNKI develops and operates the world’s largest knowledge resource repository platform in Chinese, striving to spread and share the data in the society.



At present, the company has 4,374 employees and focuses on four major areas: education informatization, knowledge management, knowledge services and digital publishing. Together with 100,000 publishing organizations at home and abroad, they integrate global knowledge resources, serve national innovation and development, and build the world’s greatest bank of knowledge.




CNKI had to implement the knowledge management project for the client. One of the client’s requests was an ability to preview and collaborate on SharePoint documents inside the CNKI system. The team started to search for a decent solution and opted for ONLYOFFICE Docs integration.


Ms. Meng, CNKI Department Manager in Jiangxi province:


The customer had extremely high requirements for the data confidentiality. We had to ensure that their local resources could be previewed online with watermarks only, and couldnt be downloaded or saved. ONLYOFFICE helped my client to comply with the regulations and solve the problem.


Sharing their experience


By integrating ONLYOFFICE into their own platform, CNKI offered the customer a perfect solution that met all the needs.


With ONLYOFFICE, the client overcame the following challenges:


Charging pop-up windows for some functions during online browsing of documents.

Files accessibility: files could be downloaded via the link in the browser, which led to the further distribution of content and affected confidentiality.


Adding watermarks to previewed documents.


The CNKI team also hopes that ONLYOFFICE will be able to provide some additional features in the future, for instance, a possibility to filter data in the read-only mode. Another expectation is XSLX and PPTX formats support when adding watermarks using API.


For now, China National Knowledge Infrastructure can guarantee a smooth implementation of the project, providing their customer with the best user experience.