Zoom is a multiplayer mobile cloud video conferencing software that provides users with a free cloud video call service that combines high-definition video conferencing and mobile network conferencing functions. Zoom is committed to helping businesses and organizations create an accessible communication environment and improve work efficiency. Video, voice, content sharing, and chat cloud platforms are easy to use, secure, and reliable, and can run across mobile devices, desktops, phones, and conference room systems. Zoom has been publicly listed on NASDAQ (ZM) and is headquartered in San Jose, California.

On August 3, 2020, Zoom announced on its Chinese official website that it had stopped selling products directly to Chinese users and instead provided services to third parties. It is reported that this rule change took effect on August 23rd.

On August 4, 2020, Zoom, the video conference software, announced that from August 23, it would switch to the partner only mode in Chinese Mainland and stop selling new products or upgrading existing products directly to customers in Chinese Mainland. After that, Zoom would only provide video conference services through third-party partners in Chinese Mainland.


Function Introduction

Basic function
1. Multi person video call

Zoom supports multiplayer video conferencing, allowing for online video communication with multiple friends or colleagues during calls. No expensive hardware equipment is required, just install Zoom software on your phone or computer to initiate a video conference with one click.

Mobile high-definition video only consumes minimal traffic, and supports "full screen, window, multi grid, mini mode" display modes in meetings.

2. Add contacts

Zoom supports searching for Zoom numbers and adding frequently used contacts; The mobile version of Zoom supports viewing phone contacts and importing functions, and can invite friends with one click.

3. Share screen demonstrations

Zoom video conferencing supports the sharing screen function. Personal screen operation can be demonstrated to other meeting friends, and detailed explanations can be provided in conjunction with speeches. During the screen sharing process, it supports functions such as pen annotation, paragraph selection, network link jump demonstration, color selection, and cancellation.

Other functions

(1) Meeting host permissions:

In Zoom multiplayer video conferencing, the initiator, as the host, can organize and manage the video conference, making it more efficient and orderly. The host has the highest authority for video conferencing, and can manage the speech and participation permissions of participating members. The host's authority can be transferred to other participants.

(2) Remote operation: In Zoom video conferencing, the initiator can authorize attendees to remotely operate the shared interface permissions, helping attendees express their opinions more clearly.

(3) Conference recording: Supports Zoom conference recording function, which allows for audio and video recording of meetings at the beginning or during their progress. Supports saving files in multiple formats such as MCU, MP4, VLC, etc.

(4) Meeting Appointment Reminder: Zoom supports meeting appointment and reminder functions, making appointments for meeting time in the Zoom schedule, automatically generating meeting information notification text, and supporting quick email sending to attendees. Log in to Zoom on your mobile phone to make appointments, support notification of attendees through SMS, email, address book, and other methods. The information can be automatically synchronized to mobile calendar and memo book applications, and support pre meeting reminder function.


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