World Creator is the world's first real-time terrain and landscape creation tool that completely executes all its processes and design processes on a GPU, using thousands of cores to combine process capabilities with the creativity, freedom, and efficiency of real-time workflows. With real-time workflows, you have a lot of experimental space, which means low-risk creativity can save a lot of money and time. Be prepared to narrow the gap between your ideas and your final product - this is the creator of the world, everything is real-time。


WorldCreator is a virtual world creation tool developed and launched by commercial software development company Bitfast Entertainment. It has powerful terrain editing functions, which can create detailed, natural and realistic terrain effects such as mountains, oceans, and lakes, and allow users to customize and add various objects and buildings at will. At the same time, the WorldCreator asset library also supports various game engines, such as Unity, Unreal Engine, CryEngine, etc. Developers can combine them with other software packages to meet their own needs. WorldCreator also has multiple export formats to meet the requirements of different internet distribution platforms.



Software features:

Everything is real-time:
No matter what you do worldwide, from moving a slider to applying textures, trees, grass, editing terrain shapes, adjusting rendering quality, and more - it will happen immediately.

Amazing tools for artists:
Through a series of powerful creative tools, 'World Creator' combines terrain and landscape generation with editing, faster and more fun than ever before - this is guaranteed.

Outstanding rendering engine:
Any image displayed here was captured within the creator of the world. You can create and design all rendering functions. Anything can automatically and instantly adapt.

Simulate erosion and sediment transport:
The creators of the world have a completely new feature: simulation mode. With it, you can simulate real-time water flow, directional erosion, directional sediment transport, and water flow.




Terrain of any size and detail:
The Creator of the World allows you to create any size of land. There are absolutely no restrictions. You can create terrain of several meters and thousands of kilometers. Most importantly, our new terrain system allows you to create incomprehensible terrain. From the accuracy of meters to the accuracy of centimeters, such high details can only be achieved through world creators.

Advanced styling:
World Creator allows you to easily create terrain from scratch and use built-in carving tools to adapt to existing landscapes. This application comes with many brushes, allowing you to import custom brushes. The usage method is as simple as other paint applications

Mesh based modeling:
Our patented grid based terrain carving algorithm allows you to quickly create stunning terrain shapes. In addition, it allows you to perform specific operations on existing terrain features, such as copying, rotating, tilting, and scaling

Program stamping:
As a supplement to the terrain stamping function, we have added process stamps such as volcanoes, islands, cracks, etc., saving a lot of time in creating these specific terrain features. Imagine it as a terrain generator within the creator of the world.

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