MathWorks is a software developer and supplier that provides mathematical calculations and model-based design for engineers and scientists, headquartered in Natick, Massachusetts, USA. MathWorks has over 5000 employees and 33 office locations worldwide. The MATLAB and Simulink developed by the company are widely used in fields such as computational biology, chip design, control systems, image processing and computer vision, data science, the Internet of Things, robotics, machine learning, signal processing, wireless communication, etc.

MathWorks was founded by Jack Little and Cleve Moler in 1984. They realized at that time that in addition to the computing environments provided by Fortran and C languages, engineers and scientists also needed more powerful and efficient computing environments. Therefore, they integrated their professional knowledge in mathematics, engineering, and computer science to develop MATLAB. MathWorks has gradually become a global leader in scientific computing and model based design software suppliers. The MathWorks is headquartered in Natick, Massachusetts and has over 5000 employees worldwide.

MathWorks' clients are over 1000000 top technical personnel from over 100 countries on all continents around the world. These technicians work in the world's most advanced technology companies, government laboratories, financial institutions, and over 6500 universities. They rely on MathWorks products and services because MATLAB and Simulink have become their basic tools for engineering projects and scientific research.

MATLAB users promote better and faster development in many important fields; They promote the growth of our understanding of the Earth, the environment, and the universe; They make our cars safer, fuel more efficient, and continuously improve the safety of air travel; They make our phone calls clearer and measurement equipment more accurate; They improve medical research and diagnostic techniques; They explore new energy sources; And cultivate the next generation of scientists.

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