XNormal is a very practical next-generation game production tool. Its biggest feature is its fast speed, several times faster than MAX, MAYA, and other software. It also has a rich range of game production functions, a clean interface, simple operation, and support for Chinese and English display interface 1.

XNormal can quickly create the desired character model by importing multiple different mesh models, and the software will automatically merge them into a complete character model. After creating the character model, users can also use various materials and textures that come with the software to add more details and realism to the character model.

In addition, XNormal also supports multiple output formats, which can output character models to formats such as FBX, OBJ, Collada, etc., making it convenient for users to use in other game production software.

In short, XNormal is a very practical next-generation game production tool with the advantages of fast contrast, rich game production functions, and simple operation, suitable for various game production fields





【Detailed introduction of features】


Almost all maps contain a MIN/MAN3D rendering option that can be used to manipulate the light source's shading boundaries. The new version can bake texture information such as normals, permutations, rays, bent normals, etc. of white molds for use in low molds.

XNormal includes a detailed C SDK and an additional OpenGL/Direct3D interactive 3D computer browser.

XNormal is suitable for many models and their image file formats, in addition to many advanced main parameters such as object/anglespace, multipartloading, swappingcoods, etc.

【Baking steps】


1. Prepare the model in advance: Bake the white and low models that must match well. The model is most likely to be matched in a typical 3D rendering to ensure pairing. If there are several components overlapping together, they must be separated or there is a high possibility of some inaccuracies. XNormal baking is based on excellent GI light sources, ensuring accuracy without everyone having to worry about the color of the light source's black shadow.

The model read is suitable for various file formats, with the most common and universal being OBJ. MAX can also apply the SBM file format, which includes a large amount of applicable information and is convenient for import and export.

2. Transport model: The first item carries white models, and the second item carries low models. The order should be non hazardous and can carry several models, and selection and application should be carried out.

3. Baking settings: Select the file storage path. Image size, mandatory baking item. The best way to detect baking is to use normals and AO (the translated text is a four sided lock column). There are several ways to match normals with different modules and use them as references for other textures. Under general conditions such as bleeding and high image quality, default settings can be saved. Click on the larger button in the lower corner to create the terrain map, wait for a few minutes, and then bake.

4. Various texture conversion software that can obtain maps such as keypoints, normals, AO, and contouring

5. Special tools have built-in examples that can be queried in 3D. The self baked model can also be read, and the key points of maintaining white mode on low mode can be seen, as well as the actual DX effects seen in other next-generation games.


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