Motion-4 is an advanced tool script for MG (Motion Graphics) motion graphics designed for Adobe After Effects users. It has powerful functions and an easy-to-use interface, which can help users quickly create various complex motion graphics effects

The main features of Motion-4 are as follows:

1. Versatility: Motion-4 includes numerous different functions and tools that can be used to create various types of motion graphics effects, including text, shapes, particles, curves, and more.

2. Easy to use: Motion-4 provides an intuitive and easy to understand user interface, making it easy for even inexperienced users to get started.

3. Customizability: Motion-4 supports users to customize various settings, including parameters such as color, size, and position, allowing users to adjust according to their own needs.

4. Efficiency: Motion-4 can optimize rendering efficiency through intelligent algorithms, thereby improving work efficiency.

5. Compatibility: Motion-4 has good compatibility with other software such as After Effects, making it easy to import and output various file formats.

In summary, Motion-4 is a very practical AE script that provides users with powerful MG motion graphics advanced tools, helping them quickly and efficiently create various stunning motion graphics effects


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