The antivirus and antivirus software NOD32 developed by ESET is the company's flagship product. It has a TreatSense advanced heuristic engine, which has the characteristics of small resource consumption, fast scanning speed, sensitive monitoring, low false positives, less user intervention, good self-protection, stable operation, and effective prevention of unknown viruses before they occur. NOD32 leads the industry in the highest technology of heuristic judgment, has repeatedly won industry awards and praise, and is best-selling in over a hundred countries and regions.

Speaking of the origin of the name NOD32, there is a very interesting allusion. The earliest version of NOD32 was developed in 1992, when the first computer virus appeared in Slovakia. At that time, a famous TV series was being broadcasted on Czech television channels, with the title Nemocnica na Okraji Mesta and the English name Hospital at the Edge of the City. The first computer virus attack was located in the boot sector at the extreme edge of the disk, and killing software programs was like a disk doctor. Therefore, ESET used the abbreviation NOD for "Nemocnica na Okraji Disku" (Slovak) as the name of the antivirus software, which means "Hospital at the Edge of the Disk" in English.

Of course, today's NOD32 antivirus software continues to improve and integrate many new generation technologies from the original NOD. The earliest version that was born was the 16-bit version, named NOD-ICE. Later, after the first version that supported 32-bit systems appeared, it was renamed NOD32 Nemocnica na Okraji Disku 32 "(Slovak), meaning" NOD32 "was born from then on.




Comprehensive protection: Running virus, hacker software, advertising plugins, and spyware protection programs alone can slow down your computer and make it difficult to manage, which will inevitably bring security issues. Be careful with those bloated internet security packages, they will take up hundreds of megabytes of space on your computer. Their existence is due to merchants bundling existing products together. On the contrary, ESET NOD32 has designed an efficient kernel as a separate, highly optimized engine, providing unified security protection to prevent malicious attacks from constantly updating viruses, worms, and spyware. ESET NOD32 has advanced ThreatSense ® Technology can analyze malicious code and detect unknown viruses in real-time, keeping you ahead of virus writers at all times.

Minimal impact: ESET NOD32 saves memory and hard disk resources, making them serve more important applications. This software only has 11M, occupying an average of 23M of memory (depending on the detection status). Threatsense ® Each update (including heuristic logic and virus signature) is usually only around 20KB to 50KB. Choosing ESET NOD32 will be more effective.

Fastest scan: Strong security protection never slows down the computer. ESET NOD32 is written in a large number of assembly languages and has won consecutive awards for its fastest detection speed and efficient killing ability, averaging 3 to 4 times faster than its competitors (source: Virus Bulletin). Choosing ESET NOD32 can improve your computer performance.

Simple management: ESET NOD32 will automatically update itself, so if you are using it for personal use or working from home, you don't need to manage it at all. For large enterprises, we provide powerful remote distributed network management, where administrators can centrally deploy, install, monitor, and manage thousands of ESET NOD32 workstations and servers. The best protection can be obtained with minimal impact and fastest speed. ESET NOD32 can protect your organization at multiple levels, including desktop, file servers, and email gateways. We can provide you with the best solution.

Heuristic real-time detection: Heuristics are the most effective security protection, and the protection of virus programs must be carried out in real-time before they affect the computer. The antivirus software that constantly waits for the update of the virus feature library will open a window for attacks, and if you are not careful, it may cause catastrophic consequences for you. ESET NOD32 relies on its ThreatSense ® Technology will close this window, unlike most antivirus software that relies on feature library updates.


ESET Smart Security is an integrated security suite solution suitable for ordinary individual consumers and small to medium-sized business customers. It includes functions such as virus defense and clearance, anti spyware, anti spam, firewall, etc., and not only does it kill viruses quickly and accurately, but it is also very lightweight in size.

ESET Smart Security includes Antivirus, Anti Spyware, Personal Firewall, and Antispam. Compared to NOD32, ESET Smart Security has added:

Personal firewall

ESET Smart Security will help you prevent unauthorized users from remotely accessing your computer and controlling network communication.

Email client protection

Anti spam protection

Phishing protection

Anti theft

Parental control

The parental control function can block some websites that may have content that is not suitable for viewing. In addition, parents can prohibit access to websites in up to 20 predefined directories.


Excellent performance

In terms of speed, NOD32 maintains lightweight and extremely fast reconnaissance speed. According to multiple tests by Virus Bulletin, the scanning speed of NOD32 is approximately 2 to 50 times higher than other market competitors. Most users who have used other antivirus products before can feel their extraordinary performance ability.

In terms of resource usage, the installation of the entire NOD32 program only takes up about 7-8 megabytes of memory space. After installation, it takes up about 28 megabytes of memory space, which is about three to five times less memory than other similar products.

Although it occupies relatively small space, its performance is not inferior; In terms of detection rate, NOD32 ranks first on Virus Bulletin and has won the VB100% award 64 times in a row (official VB100% data as of October 2010). Meanwhile, NOD32 has been the only antivirus software in the world to detect any type of ItW (In the Wild) computer virus for 7 consecutive years without any omission. Since its first participation in VB100 testing in 1998, NOD32 has an average virus detection rate of 97%, while the detection rate of most antivirus software is only 50% -75%. In addition, it integrates two major functions: SysInspector snapshot and SysRescue, providing more perfect protection for the computer. It also has a ThreatSense early warning system to timely submit unknown viruses. John Hawes, VB's testing director, said, "The detection rate of NOD32 is very high, and its RAP Test (unknown sample) performance is also excellent. With no false positives and easy detection of the Wild List virus, ESET once again won VB100 certification

NOD32 has won over 60 awards, including 67 awards from Virus Bulletin VB100%, CheckMark Level 1,2, Trojan, Spyware, ICSA Certified, PCMagazine, PCUser, IDG Infoworld, UK Consumer Association Best Buy, mikroDatorn, WINTOTAL, Deloitte&Touche Fast 50, ISO9001, and more.

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