Tekla is a steel structure detail design software developed by Tekla Company in Finland. It achieves the function of convenient views by first creating a 3D model and then automatically generating steel structure details and various reports.


Software features

Soft Tekla is a universal steel structure detail design software worldwide, and its use has laid the foundation for international integration. In fact, a considerable number of users have proposed the need to use Tekla for modeling and plotting, and mastering and using Tekla as soon as possible has become our "top priority". Component characteristics



Tekla is a software package for simulating and detailing three-dimensional intelligent steel structures. Users can build a complete steel structure model in a virtual space, which not only includes the geometric dimensions of the structural components, but also includes all information such as material specifications, cross-section, node types, materials, user annotations, etc. And it can represent various components with different colors, and it has the function of continuous mouse rotation. Users can view any zero part of the model from different directions through continuous rotation. This way, it looks more intuitive, and inspectors can easily discover whether there are any errors in the logical relationships between the space of each member in the model. When creating a model, the operator can create auxiliary points in the 3D view and input the members, or build them in the plan view. Tekla contains over 600 commonly used nodes, making it very convenient to create them. Just click on a certain node to fill in the parameters, and then select the main component and secondary component. You can also check all relevant manufacturing and installation information at any time. Be able to check whether the selected components have collided at any time. The model can automatically generate the required graphics and input data for the report list. All information can be stored in the model's database. When it is necessary to change the design, only the model needs to be changed, and other data changes accordingly, making it easy to create new graphic files and reports.


Tekla is an intelligent software package based on object-oriented technology, which means that all elements in the model, including beams, columns, plates, node bolts, etc., are intelligent targets. That is, when the properties of the beam change, adjacent nodes also automatically change. The installation and overall layout of the parts have been changed accordingly. Tekla's built-in drawing editor can edit graphics. This can minimize human errors. Tekla is an open system that allows you to create your own nodes and target types to be added to Tekla.

After confirming the correctness of the model, the construction details can be created. Tekla can automatically generate component and part details, among which the component details also need to be further designed in AutoCAD into component drawings, assembly drawings, and part drawings for use in assembly, box assembly, and processing sections; Part drawings can be directly or transformed to obtain the files required for CNC cutting machines, achieving automation in steel structure design and processing. Although we do not have many CNC equipment, it is impossible for all parts to be processed entirely by data equipment. We believe that it will bring revolutionary changes to our production in the near future.


Usage of reports

The model can also automatically generate certain reports, such as bolt reports, component surface area reports, component reports, and material reports. The bolt report can calculate the total number of bolts of different lengths and grades in the entire model; The surface area report of the component can be used to estimate the amount of paint used; The material report can estimate the amount of steel used for each specification. Reports can serve the entire project and serve as an important basis for future project budgeting and management. Users can customize some reports according to their own needs



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