Geomagic Wrap is a reverse engineering and 3D detection software produced by Raindrop Corporation (later acquired by 3D Systems) in the United States. It can easily create perfect polygonal models and meshes from scanned point cloud data and automatically convert them to NURBS surfaces.

Geomagic Wrap can be used for 3D scanning and analysis programs, point cloud editing, and fast 3D modeling, as well as providing powerful Remash tools and support for the generation of fine and clean 3D models. Anyone can fully utilize this program to create excellent data suitable for 3D printing and practical applications.

Geomagic Wrap can obtain geometric shape and appearance information of physical objects by using scanners, cameras, or other 3D scanning techniques. Then, using Wrap software, the obtained data can be processed to generate an accurate 3D model.



This software has powerful data processing and editing functions, which can fix defects or noise in scanned data and convert it into high-quality geometric models. It can also perform operations such as mesh editing, surface repair, topology optimization, etc. to better meet the needs of design, engineering, and manufacturing.

In addition, Geomagic Wrap also supports exporting multiple file formats, such as STL, OBJ, IGES, STEP, etc., making it easy to integrate and use with other CAD software. It can also perform model comparison, analysis, and measurement for inspection and validation.

Geomagic Wrap is widely used in fields such as industrial design, digital carving, building reconstruction, medical simulation, etc., providing users with powerful 3D digital tools.

Geomagic Wrap has extensive applications in many fields, including but not limited to the following:

Industrial design: Geomagic Wrap can convert physical products into digital 3D models, providing industrial designers with fast and accurate design tools. Designers can edit, optimize, and analyze models for product design and improvement.


Digital Sculpture: Artists and sculptors can use Geomagic Wrap to convert physical sculptures into digital 3D models, and then use tools such as 3D printing or CNC machine tools for digital carving. This can save time and cost, and can be modified and adjusted on the digital model.

Building reconstruction: Geomagic Wrap can convert scanned data of actual buildings or ruins into accurate 3D models. This is very useful for architects, historians, and archaeologists, as it can be used for building reconstruction, cultural relic protection, and historical research.

Medical simulation: Geomagic Wrap can convert scanned data of human organs or body parts into three-dimensional models for medical simulation and surgical planning. Doctors and medical researchers can use these models for disease diagnosis, surgical simulation, and treatment planning.

Manufacturing and Engineering: Geomagic Wrap can convert scanned data of physical parts or products into digital 3D models for manufacturing and engineering applications. This can assist manufacturers in product design, process planning, and quality control.



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