Altair is a global technology company in the fields of computing science and artificial intelligence, providing software and cloud solutions in the fields of simulation, high-performance computing (HPC), and data analysis. It has developed multiple simulation driven innovative software that optimizes multidisciplinary design performance, while also providing data analysis and high-fidelity visualization and rendering.

Altair's simulation software has a wide range of application scenarios. For example, in the automotive manufacturing industry, Altair's simulation software can be used to analyze and optimize the performance of various aspects such as body structure, chassis system, engine components, etc; In the aerospace field, Altair's simulation software can be used to design and verify the structure and performance of high-end products such as airplanes, rockets, and satellites; Altair's simulation software also has broad application prospects in fields such as electronics, energy, and architecture.




Altair simulation software applies various technologies, such as finite element analysis, finite volume method, direct numerical simulation, etc., and also adopts high-performance computing technologies, such as GPU acceleration, parallel computing, etc., making simulation analysis faster and more accurate.

Altair also provides a series of plugins and modules, such as Altair Apex, Altair HyperWorks, Altair Flux, etc., to expand the functionality and application range of its simulation software. For example, Altair Apex can be used to model and simulate complex multidisciplinary systems; Altair HyperWorks can be used for simulation analysis in various fields such as structure, fluid, thermal, electromagnetic, etc; Altair Flux can be used to simulate and analyze processes such as fluid flow, heat transfer, and chemical reactions




Altair Engineering Inc. is an excellent CAE engineering company with a deep foundation in engineering technology worldwide. It provides advanced product engineering solutions to customers worldwide in CAE modeling, visualization, simulation, optimization, and process automation, leading the world trend in engineering technology development.

In 2001, Altair Engineering Inc. came to China and established its wholly-owned subsidiary, Aotai Engineering Software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Aotai China Company). The establishment of Altair Engineering Inc. in China marks the establishment of a broader global development scope for Altair Engineering Inc.

Aotai Er China Company has grown into a renowned engineering service and consulting professional company in China. As an advocate and main force for the development of engineering technology, Aotai Er China Company attaches great importance to the improvement of its professional quality. In 2014, Aotaier China already had a team of engineers, including four PhDs with unique technical knowledge and experience in fields such as power, machinery, automotive, and aerospace.




In 2014, Ogier China's business areas covered Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and other places, spanning machinery, power, automobile, aerospace and other fields. Aotaier China not only provides users with powerful software, but also provides comprehensive application training, extensive technical consulting, and complete technical design services. Aotai Er China Company already has numerous users such as China First Automobile Group, China Second Automobile Group, Shanghai Volkswagen, and Aircraft Research Institute, and has extensive and close cooperation with them. These successful achievements have laid the foundation for Aotaier Company's leadership position among CAE software developers.

Aotai Er China Company is proud and excited to be a participant in China's industrial modernization process. We believe that as simulation driven design technologies become increasingly automated and integrated, actual experiments will continue to sharply decrease. With the continuous development of these methods, more and more institutions are considering them as the mainstream of development, and many companies will increase investment in virtual engineering and rapid design and development technology. Aotai Er China Company will share our long-term experience in engineering design and CAE software and services with customers in the sincerity of long-term cooperation with the Chinese industry. We will provide customers with the best diversified engineering services and solutions with Altair characteristics, striving to achieve the shortest time required from concept to product.


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