IP guard is a universal internal network security software. It utilizes system management concepts and fully utilizes technical means such as operational auditing, permission control, and document encryption to comprehensively solve the three internal network security challenges of information security, application efficiency, and system management. With the help of IP guard, enterprises can effectively prevent information leakage and protect the security of information assets; Create a healthy and safe network environment, improve work efficiency, and allocate network resources reasonably; IT personnel can also easily perform system maintenance, ensuring that the system runs at its peak and promoting rapid business development.

IP guard R&D manufacturer Yixin Technology, founded in 2001, is one of the earliest companies in China to engage in the development of internal network security products. It has always been committed to researching and solving internal network security issues in enterprises. Having served in the field of internal network security for 19 years, we have accumulated rich experience and tailored internal network security solutions for tens of thousands of enterprises.

Function Explanation

IP guard includes two major systems: IP guard document transparent encryption and IP guard desktop security management.

The IP guard document transparent encryption system includes four major modules, namely transparent encryption, read-only encryption, secure gateway, and basic functions.

Transparent encryption: IP guard transparent encryption uses high-strength encryption algorithms to provide real-time and comprehensive encryption protection for electronic documents in various formats.

Read only encryption: IP guard read-only encryption can provide strong encryption protection for various formats of electronic documents, and only allows users to open documents in a read-only manner in authorized environments, blocking operations such as copying, printing, and screenshots, effectively preventing important information from being illegally leaked.

Security gateway: IP guard security gateway can provide strict identity authentication for computers accessing information management systems such as CRM/ERP/OA, to prevent illegal access. Simultaneously combined with transparent encryption to achieve upload decryption and download decryption, providing comprehensive protection for document security.

Basic functions: As the basic framework for the overall solution of IP guard anti leakage and internal network security, the basic functions provide a centralized internal network management platform architecture. It also provides rich management functions, such as basic control of client computers, basic computer configuration management, alarm and warning, log and report statistics, etc.

The IP guard desktop security management system is divided into 17 modules, which can be seamlessly integrated, making it convenient for users to freely choose and flexibly combine according to their own needs, and creating a customized internal network security solution for users.

Document cloud backup: All or specified parts of the data on all terminal computers of an enterprise can be backed up to a document server for centralized storage and management. Terminal software automatically monitors documents, and once changes are detected, real-time and accurate backups are made to the document server, greatly improving data security.

Sensitive content recognition: Real time monitoring of the behavior of creating, modifying, downloading, and receiving files, auditing, alerting, and warning files containing sensitive content, real-time monitoring of files transmitted through instant messaging, email, webpage upload, network disk, and storage devices, auditing, backing up, alerting, and warning files containing sensitive content.

Network access control: The IP guard network access control system is a professional hardware system that strictly audits computers accessing designated networks to prevent illegal computer intrusion and secret theft. In addition, it can also be used in conjunction with ordinary IP-guard modules to avoid internal network PCs being separated from IP-guard control.

Screen monitoring: IP guard's high-quality screen monitoring function can fully track and capture users' desktops, view real-time desktops and record screen images, most intuitively reproduce users' operational behavior, and even export screen history as a video for viewing, meeting the strict IT audit requirements of some customers.

Advantages and characteristics

More comprehensive management, more secure

IP guard integrates three advanced anti leakage technologies, audits nearly 1000 computer operations, controls 15 major information dissemination channels, provides three encryption modes and three disaster recovery solutions, and has a comprehensive management.

Unified platform centralized management, more flexible combination of functions

Through the IP guard internal network security management platform, numerous functions are managed uniformly, eliminating compatibility issues between different products; And adopt a modular product architecture, allowing users to freely choose their own suitable functions.

Outstanding stability

IP guard has over 4 million clients running simultaneously worldwide, with a maximum of over 30000 stable nodes for a single customer, serving some customers for over 8 years; A single server can handle over 7000 terminal data; It can process over 30GB of data per day, and the average memory usage of the client software on the computer is less than 30M, with a CPU usage rate of less than 5%.

Consistent trust from over 10000 customers worldwide

So far, IP guard has provided security services to over 135000 customers in 61 countries worldwide, covering more than 20 industries and fields such as finance, manufacturing, electricity, technology, government, and education. And become the first brand of Japanese funded enterprises in China, such as Sony, Panasonic, and Canon.

A comprehensive technical service system

Yixin has built a complete service system from pre-sales consultation, product installation and deployment, to after-sales technical support, to provide users with the most timely and awesome technical services. And set up branches in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Jakarta, Cape Town, and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Changsha, Chongqing, and Shenzhen, gradually expanding sales and services to various parts of the world.

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