Micro Focus (Chinese company: Shanghai WeFocus Software Technology Co., Ltd.) is headquartered in Newbury, UK and specializes in software. It provides solutions in key areas such as DevOps, hybrid IT, security and risk management, predictive analysis, and more

Micro Focus's digital transformation solutions cover four key areas:

1. Enterprise DevOps

In the era of digital economy, the key to winning faster innovation competitions is to adopt high-speed methods. With Micro Focus's solutions, DevOps can fully leverage its capabilities in a mixed IT environment - quickly implementing innovative ideas at a pace that best suits the enterprise. From now on, both speed and quality can be achieved simultaneously.


2. Hybrid IT Management

The infinite spread, variability, and isolation of mixed IT can weaken your competitiveness. With Micro Focus's solutions, hybrid IT can be managed in a new and agile way. Whether it is from mainframe to mobile devices, or from enterprise to cloud, it is an IT service that fully connects traditional services and transformation. Embracing the future does not mean abandoning the past.

3. Security, Risk, and Governance

Cyber threats are becoming increasingly serious. Aging (including new settings) applications and processes are filled with unpredictable risks. The requirements for concealment and compliance are increasing. A single point solution cannot provide the necessary scope analysis, vision analysis, or isolated island analysis for these challenges faced by the entire company. With the help of Micro Focus's solution, an analytical driven holistic approach can be adopted to protect the most important assets - identity, applications, and data.



4. Predictive analysis

The data lake is only valuable when it can reveal the insights hidden deep within it. With Micro Focus's solution, machine learning can be used to transform massive amounts of data into accurate, actionable, and automatically generated insights.

Micro Focus's product portfolio covers the following areas:

Application Delivery Management:

Application lifecycle management, functional testing, performance and load testing, project and product portfolio management, release management

IT Operations Management:

AlOps, backup and recovery, data center automation, data protection, hybrid cloud management, network operations management, service management automation


Application security, data security, unified identity authentication, secure operations, and unified endpoint management

Analysis and big data:

Customer behavior analysis, fraud detection, operational analysis, security analysis, and unstructured data analysis

Information Management and Governance:

Collaboration tools, electronic discovery, file analysis and management, information archiving, search and analysis, secure content management

Application Modernization and Connectivity:

COBO L, Visual COBOL, Host Connectivity, Mainframe, COBRA


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