Available to all customers with a Subscription, Fused Complete or a license in Maintenance.




We are pleased to announce that INSYDIUM Fused is now compatible with Cinema 4D 2024.

Maxon's Cinema 4D 2024 brought massive changes to their core architecture and API. As a result, INSYDIUM has needed to carry out thorough QA checks to ensure that INSYDIUM Fused works seamlessly with the new version of Cinema 4D.


Updating intricate integrations like INSYDIUM Fused is complex; it takes considerable testing time. We want to ensure we provide our customers with the best possible experience, including ensuring that INSYDIUM Fused is always compatible with the latest version of Cinema 4D.


Service Update 2023.3.1


The INSYDIUM Fused Service Update includes bug fixes to increase performance and stability. Eligible customers with enabled Online Updaters will receive this Service Update automatically. Customers can alternatively access the latest build of their license through their Customer Account on the INSYDIUM website.


Updating Your License


It is essential that INSYDIUM customers are using the latest version available to them. If you own a perpetual license that is not using the latest build, please purchase a Fused Complete Upgrade or Maintenance.


Enjoy Using INSYDIUM Fused with Cinema 4D 2024


INSYDIUM hopes that its customers enjoy using INSYDIUM Fused with Cinema 4D 2024.


INSYDIUM is committed to providing its customers with the best possible tools and support, always working to improve its products and services.


Thank you for being a customer of INSYDIUM!