How to embed the ONLYOFFICE form into a webpage?


You can easily add online forms to the website, let others fill them out and download them in PDF format. Read this article to learn how to embed ONLYOFFICE fillable forms into web pages.





You should already have a good understanding of our new forms tool. If you don't understand, let's remind you. Starting from version 7.0 of ONLYOFFICE Docs, you can create and collaborate on editing online forms, or have other users fill them out and save the forms in PDF format.

In the ONLYOFFICE form editor, you mainly use two formats. You can create form templates from scratch using the DOCXF format, or you can use existing DOCX files to create form templates. You can fill out the prepared form using the OFORM format.



How to open DOCXF for editing from a website?


Please open the index. html file of your ONLYOFFICE Docs server. Then, connect it to the API document server. You need to specify configuration parameters to open the form template.




After completion, you can open the form template for editing. After editing this file, you can obtain a separate form. To achieve this, click on 'Save as OFORM'.



How to open OFORM from the website for filling out?


You need to add a button to open the form for filling out. Then, add open_ Form_ The template() function.




Pay attention toThe key field will not be passed to the editor's configuration. This field will automatically be generated as a random number, which allows the process of opening the form to be completely independent. Therefore, collaborative editing of OFORM files is prohibited. This means that anyone can open and fill out forms without interfering with others。


After completion, you can open the form and fill it out. After completing the fields (mandatory fields highlighted in red), you can download the results as a PDF file. To achieve this, click on 'Save as PDF'.