Pellet extrusion 3D printing enables up to 10X speed increase and 10X reduction in material costs compared to printing with filament. This transformational technology is saving innovative companies significant time and money by supplanting traditional production methods. From sandcasting patterns, to thermoforming molds, to end-use parts, large-format pellet-extrusion 3D printing is rapidly gaining traction in multiple industries.


Join experts from 3D Systems as we explore their EXT Titan Pellet series large-format industrial 3D printers with build volumes up to 1270mm x 1270mm x 1829mm. With industrial CNC motion control, servos on all axes, and actively heated build chambers, EXT Titan Pellet printers enable printing with a wide range of pellet materials from commodity plastics like PLA, ABS and PETG, to glass- and carbon-filled engineering plastics like polycarbonate, nylons, ULTEM, and PEKK. EXT Titan Pellet printers also offer multiple toolhead options including a filament extruder and a milling spindle that allows both additive and subtractive processes on a single machine.