Now you can install the ONLYOFFICE collaboration space on a private server, allowing you to have complete control over all data and enjoy other self hosted advantages. The collaboration space for Linux server installation has been released, and other software packages will be launched one after another. Please read the following text for details.

About ONLYOFFICE Collaboration Space


ONLYOFFICE collaboration space is an online collaboration platform where users edit and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms in customizable rooms.

The built-in ONLYOFFICE document suite features professional editing tools as well as real-time document editing, chat functions, audio/video calls through Jitsi and Zoom, and all necessary collaboration functions. The platform supports various file formats, including Word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, and multimedia.



Collaboration occurs within a room, and users can be granted various levels of access permissions to simplify the collaboration process: room administrator, advanced user, editable, viewable, commentable, reviewable, and able to fill out forms. Easily share files and invite users, making collaboration within and outside the team easier.



Security features include encryption, activity tracking, IP restrictions, SSO, and more. Users can customize the appearance and style of the collaboration space, apply their own brand and customization, and perform more operations in the settings.


Collaborative Space Cloud VS Local Deployment


Do you choose to use online software as a service or host it on your own infrastructure? Let's take a look at the main differences between self hosted and ONLYOFFICE collaborative space clouds:

Full control of data: Self hosted software may be more secure as developers and cloud providers are unable to access your space by design. You don't need to delegate your data to any third party, but rely entirely on your own infrastructure security and maintenance, or choose the hosting location based on your own judgment. At the same time, the security of hosting also becomes your own responsibility.

Lifetime License: When purchasing a license for a professional solution, you only need to make a one-time payment to use the software without any usage period restrictions. If you want to continue receiving updates and professional support after one year, you need to renew your license.

Pricing based on the number of simultaneous connections: For self hosted versions, the payment scheme is determined based on the number of document tabs simultaneously opened on the network. For example, if the fee only allows a maximum of 100 connections, the 101st document can only be opened in a viewing only format.

SMTP settings: The settings in the local ONLYOFFICE collaboration space are almost the same as those in SaaS solutions, but you can also control the SMTP settings used to manually connect to mail services.

All versions offer branding and customization. In the cloud version, you can only add branding and fully use custom features in the paid solution. And all self managed versions can implement these, including the community version.