As a professional ray tracing and global light rendering software, KeyShot has been committed to providing more users with powerful and incredible new features. The much-anticipated 2023 version of Keyshot has also been officially released, and today we will share with you the top 10 new features.



New feature 1: A brand new rounded UI interface style, similar to the Windows 11 system style, with a more refined interface. The web viewer has added icon buttons to the bottom toolbar.



New feature 2: Two new material library types have been added: Twinbru fabric and human skin color material.



New feature 3: Three additional activation preset scene templates have been added, namely large scene, medium scene, and small scene.



New feature 4: Material texture mapping has added built-in color space calculation, making ACESCG color display more accurate.



New feature 5: Rendered output supports multi-layer EXR format, with smaller file size than PSD, and more software support for multi-channel post processing.



New feature 6: Enhanced support for animation, KS2023 physics simulation is more accurate and realistic, and simulation collision speed is faster.


New feature 7: Material node curve fade in and out, and curve nodes support more control parameter animations for material textures or materials.



New Function 8: Add a ray mask node to the material node, excluding functions such as visible reflection, visible shadow, visible camera, and double-sided material.



After turning off the Shadow Visible and Reflection Visible options, the material's reflections and shadows on the ground are eliminated and disappear.

New feature 9: Multiple items can be selected from the right list for right click editing. In previous versions, only one right click operation could be selected.



New feature 10: Coloro color standard has been added to the color library, providing more attractive color schemes to choose from。



In addition to explaining the new features, the official material library of KS2023 includes fabrics, car paint, semi transparent, gemstones, glass, leather, etc., with 26 material categories and over 900 materials!



Improvement Enhancement

Improved UV coordinates of the original geometry。

Update to Package 2023.1

Update Python to version 3.11.1。

Improved material loading when opening the Material Information Manager。

Update RAL color system to 2022。


Added tools in the main menu bar.。

Removed experimental features.

Support for label and RAW channels through script rendering settings。

Upload and add image attachments to a web viewer。

Add landscape mode to PDF output of CMF。

End support for macOS Catalina. MacOS Big Sur is the latest minimum version。

Added support for Parasolid V35 and NX v2206

Added support for folder export colors.

TIFF images are now compressed.

Fixed an issue that caused the "Unable to load library" message to appear in the network rendering log.

Keep the HDRI editor canvas at the top of the main window。

DPI settings are now exported as metadata to images。



Acceleration improvements when closing KeyShot or creating new scenes。

Reduce noise in glossy reflections in the product mode introduced in KeyShot 11.3。

Redesigned web viewer upload dialog with preset and simplified controls。

Physics Tool should now be able to run on systems with ARM。

Fixed the issue of area light, which caused the back and front of the material to flip over。

Fixed a Studio issue that may cause incorrect environment loading when reloading the scene。

Fixed memory issue when enabling motion blur on animation area lights。

Fixed a crash in smooth global illumination when in internal mode on ARM processors

Fixed an issue in AxF material that may cause slight color deviation.

Improved real-time view performance when using curved photography image styles.

Fixed possible crashes when using materials.

Fixed an issue where KeyShot stopped responding when distributing real fabric materials on the Apple Silicon system.

Fixed some issues in the workflow of the studio.

Adjusted the protrusion height in exported USD and GLB files to improve support for these files in other applications.

Fixed a mixing mode issue with the Color Composite node in the material map.

Fixed some color issues with AxF types.

Fixed an issue where importing geometry while motion blur is active may cause crashes.

Improved speed when searching in SceneTree.