Self luminescent material It is the only luminescent material in KeyShot and can be used to simulate small light sources such as LEDs, lighting fixtures, and illuminated screen displays. This glowing material does not mean that this object can serve as the main light source in the scene. When the light of the illuminated object has an impact on the surrounding objects, it is necessary to check the "Refine Indirect Illumination" option in "Project>Materials" to illuminate other objects in the real-time rendering window. You also need to check the "Ground Indirect Lighting" option to illuminate the ground. The self luminescent material panel is shown in the following figure.

When using self illuminating materials, you can check the "Effects>Glow" option in "Project>Special Effects", and the following image shows the created light glow special effect.

【Color】 is used to control the color of the luminescent material.

【 Intensity 】 is used to control the luminous intensity, which is still effective when using a 'color map'.

       【Camera Visible】 is used to hide luminescent material objects from the camera, but still emit light.

Unchecking this option will hide the material's luminous effect in the "specular" reflection, and the luminous effect will only be noticeable for "diffuse" objects.

        【 Double sided 】 Uncheck this option, the material only emits light on one side, and the other side becomes black.