Do you encounter any of the following difficulties in daily document collaboration:


Repeated transmission of documents, forwarding to groups or individuals, resulting in messy formatting and fonts, making it difficult to organize;


After the document is written, it is difficult for colleagues to summarize their opinions one by one, and they may even be submerged in group messages;


During the editing process, you or your collaborators accidentally deleted the content and can only re edit it based on memory;


Jinshan Cloud documents not only support online editing by multiple people, but also allow for conversational comments based on documents, achieving complex information aggregation with "one document in place". The "historical version" protects information security and does not need to worry about accidental deletion. It also aggregates over 8 million free office templates, which is a favorable equipment for office workers and helps work efficiency up and up!


1. One click file sharing, balancing efficiency and security


Select the online documents that need to be collaborated in the enterprise team, click "share" to immediately generate a link, set the access permissions of the collaborating personnel, and then copy and share them to the work group. There is no need to repeatedly transmit information with the participating personnel, and the same conversation and communication can be carried out.

Access permission settings can ensure information security during multi-person collaboration and eliminate unexpected interference from non project personnel.




When the visitor is not within the scope of access permissions



Step Description


Usage path: Select a team>>Click on the right side of the target team file to share>>Set sharing scope and permissions>>Click on [Create and Share]>>Copy the link to open the collaboration invitation


2. @ Contact person, remind colleagues to participate in collaboration


In the document that requires collaboration, enter "@" in different modules to call up the insertion contact person. Select the corresponding person in charge, and they will receive the information prompt that requires collaboration.




Creator's perspective:


Collaborator perspective



3. Comments&conversations, convenient for collecting opinions


Both "comments" and "conversations" are tools that focus on document content communication, facilitating creators to collect opinions and adjust content during the document creation process。


Comment "is an asynchronous communication method based on documents, which supports selecting specific sentences or paragraphs for comments, or commenting on the entire text at the end of the document. Similarly, creators can directly reply to comments.


The objects of comments and replies will receive information alerts in the Jinshan Cloud Document Message Center and Jinshan Document official account.


Step Description


Collaborator perspective


Usage path: Select the comment target>>Click on the "+" button on the right side of the function bar to call up>>Enter the comment content in the dialog box



Document Creator Perspective


Usage path: Click on the red dot at the top to view system messages



Conversation "is a document based instant communication tool, where collaborators and document creators can browse online documents simultaneously and engage in conversations within the document. If both the document creator and collaborator have downloaded the" Kingsoft Collaboration "client. Collaborators initiate a conversation and will initiate a group chat with the theme of documents in Jinshan Collaboration. Collaborators and creators can initiate instant communication。






Step Description


Usage path: Click the top [Session] button>>Enter content in the dialog box


4. Automatically backup historical versions without losing data information


During the collaboration process, did you or your colleagues accidentally delete some data?


N versions of adjustments have been made, and "Party A's father" said that the first draft is better?


You don't need to panic anymore about these office "blood and tears". The 'historical version' will be automatically saved during the collaboration process, and each historical version has a record that supports preview and restoration。




Step Description: Click on the top 【 Clock 】 button>>Click on 【 Historical Version 】>>Click on 【 Preview 】>>Click on 【 Restore to this Version 】


Click on the always mark in the upper right corner, click on the dropdown, and select 'Historical Version'


Click on the list version for preview

Determine the version you want to restore and click on 'Restore to this version' in the upper right corner


Step Description


Usage Path: Click on the top 【 Clock 】 button>>Click on 【 Historical Version 】>>Click on 【 Preview 】>>Click on 【 Restore to this Version 】


5、 Skilled use of office templates to achieve twice the result with half the effort


The template library of Kingsoft Cloud documents includes types such as documents, tables, presentations, lightweight tables, flowchart, and mind maps, covering nine industry scenarios including project management, education and learning, team collaboration, personnel administration, customer management, e-commerce operations, and product development, making you an efficient expert in both work and life.




Team Weekly Report Summary



Project Management Solutions


Where is the template library entrance?


Method 1: Use the homepage template library



Method 2: Create a new template through the team>>Click on the template to enter the template library



Select template type+keywords to quickly find suitable templates.