Geomagic is a world-class software and service company headquartered in the Delta Development Zone of North Carolina, USA, with branches in Europe and Asia, and distributors distributed around the world. In many industrial fields, such as automobiles, aviation, medical equipment, and consumer products, many professionals are using Geomagic software and services. The main products of the company are Geomagic Studio, Geomagic Quality, and Geomagic Piano, among which Geomagic Studio is a widely used reverse software. The rapidly growing Geomagic is becoming a leader in digital shape sampling and processing (DSSP).

Spark-Forward and reverse hybrid design software

Geomagic Spark is the only 3D design software in the industry that combines real-time 3D scanning, 3D point cloud and Triangle mesh editing functions, as well as comprehensive CAD modeling design, assembly modeling, 2D plotting and other functions. Although traditional CAD software also has modeling capabilities, there is a lack of tools to process 3D scanning data into useful 3D models. Geomagic Spark has added 3D scanning data function, integrating advanced scanning technology and direct modeling technology. Users can merge scanned data and design CAD models in the same software in just two to three minutes, and even create solid models and assemblies that can be used for manufacturing with some scanned data.

Description and Characteristics

Geomagic Spark's integration package puts point clouds, Triangle mesh and CAD modeling in the same user interface. Designers can either scan directly through Geomagic Spark or load ready-made point cloud or triangular mesh data.

After creating a solid model, users can compare it with its triangular mesh data to identify areas of deviation between them. 2D drawings, annotations, dimensions, etc. are readily available and can interact with 3D data. And it can quickly and easily export CAD file formats. The strong combination of 3D data processing capabilities and CAD functionality will significantly improve processing efficiency in reverse engineering, production manufacturing, prototype development, conceptual modeling and creation, archiving, and service centers.

·Use hardware plugins such as Faro, Hexconn Hexagon, and Shachuang Creaform (other lists to be announced in the future) to scan directly into Geomagic Spark;

·Point cloud editing - deletion, sampling, noise reduction, etc;

·Import the original CAD file through the attachment of SpaceClaim;

·Mesh editing - delete, patch, trim, and repair;

·Intelligent selection tool;

·Accurately extract surfaces, solids, and sketches from meshes;

·Intuitive push/pull geometry modification tool;

·Comprehensive sketching and solid modeling capabilities;

·Deviation analysis of transforming triangular meshes into solid models;

·Create 2D drawings;

·Generate 3D PDF;

·Create, operate, and edit assemblies;

·Compatible with a series of third-party attachments from SpaceClaim (such as realistic visualization, PDM, analysis, and CAM);

·In addition to supporting the original file formats (IGES, STEP, OBJ, ACIS, PDF, etc.), it can also collaborate with a series of CAD and PLM tools;


Geomagic Studio can automatically generate accurate digital models based on any physical component. As the world's preferred automated reverse engineering software, Geomagic Studio also provides an ideal choice for emerging applications, such as mass production of customized equipment, on-demand production mode, and automatic remaking of original components. Only Geomagic Studio has all the following features:

Ensuring flawless polygonal and NURBS models for processing complex shapes or free form surface shapes increases productivity by ten times compared to traditional CAD software, and allows users to avoid tedious and labor-intensive tasks. It can be integrated with all major 3D scanning equipment and CAD/CAM software and can be used as a standalone application for rapid manufacturing or as a supplement to CAD software.

Technical advantages

Simplified workflow - Geomagic Studio software simplifies the workflow for beginners and experienced engineers. The features of automation and simplified workflow reduce user training time, avoiding tedious and labor-intensive tasks.

Improved productivity - Geomagic Studio is a practical software that can increase productivity. Compared with traditional computer-aided design (CAD) software, the production efficiency can be increased by ten times when dealing with complex or free form surface shapes.

Real time customized production has been achieved - Geomagic Studio is the only software that can achieve simple operations, improve productivity, and allow for customized production. The software also features high precision and compatibility.

Strong compatibility - can be used in conjunction with all mainstream 3D scanners, computer-aided design software (CAD), conventional drawing software, and rapid equipment manufacturing systems. Geomagic is a software that is fully compatible with other technologies and can effectively reduce investment.

Surface closure - Geomagic Studio software allows users to work between physical targets and digital models, closing the surface between the target and the software model.

Supports multiple data formats - Geomagic Studio provides multiple modeling formats, including mainstream 3D format data.

Main new features of technology

New intuitive "sketch" feature - allows for direct creation of cross-sectional curves from point clouds and polygon models, and direct editing of them

Powerful scripting language environment - extends, customizes, and automates functions that enable deep access to selected commands in the software

Improved editing, navigation, and visualization capabilities - for scene level 3D models, improved editing, navigation, and visualization of point clouds from mid range and remote scanners

Enhanced Hard Probe Functionality - Accurate measurement and creation of features using contact probes, portable coordinate measuring arms, and similar devices provided by hard probe partners such as FARO, Hexagon, Nikon, Creaform, and many others

The 'Retriangle' tool allows for quick and accurate re triangulation of polygon models, making them a cleaner and more useful 3D model for digital content creation (DCC) and 3D printing

New "Surface Patch" command - provides powerful power for quickly and accurately repairing polygon models

Integration with Spaceclaim software - allows for direct modeling interaction and design


Geomagic Qualify Probe is a software that is essential for hard probe data acquisition and processing, and is cost-effective, practical, and accurate. Geomagic Qualify Probe is the industry's easiest to use and most cost-effective 3D inspection software, specifically designed to process data collected by hard probes, as well as reports on manufacturing part quality, production testing, and supplier management for the first piece.

Geomagic Quality Probe combines Geomagic Quality's industry-leading tools with detection data and equipment. This enables manufacturers to quickly and accurately graphically compare digital reference models created from detection data with built components for first article inspection, production inspection, and supplier quality management.

Comprehensive 3D detection and measurement

The data of physical objects collected with hard probes can be quickly and repeatedly compared with digital models to obtain report information. This powerful software can measure and analyze this information to obtain accurate results for analysis and detection.

The only product line in the industry that provides built-in CAD import tools for free, suitable for CATIA, NX, SolidWorks, and Creo Elements (formerly Pro/ENGINEER), as well as all CAD or polygon data that meets industry standard formats

Based on the industry-leading Geomagic Qualify engine, it provides an intuitive user interface, as well as powerful processing and accurate reporting capabilities certified by international organizations (NIST and PTB).

By quickly and effectively generating color mapping models to reflect the error situation of the entire component

Provide high-precision results in multiple formats to suit your business processes

Provide fully automated and customizable reporting tools that can measure and annotate all elements in the model data

Provide comprehensive support for various probes and devices

Customers greatly improve production efficiency through personalized and customized automated processes and report generation. It is the industry's easiest to use and most comprehensive software, providing a variety of fully automated and customizable reporting tools that can almost immediately improve your detection speed. Easy to define reports can accurately provide the required data and information. Various color difference and whisker plots can help you quickly understand the results

The voice commands of the hard probe tool enable you to quickly and accurately create features and measure detection data

All Geomagic products adopt a mainstream list interface, which allows you to quickly get started using the Geomagic Quality Probe. It is created and supported by industry leaders in the field of 3D detection, and has access to high-end technical support, comprehensive online tutorials and knowledge base, as well as first-class training, and can be easily upgraded to Geomagic Quality. The use of a universal interface allows for easy transition to other Geomagic products for detection and reverse engineering, enabling scalable solutions to meet the needs of business growth and productivity changes

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