Chart FX 7 is a chart plugin developed by American manufacturer SoftwareFX based on winform and webform programs. After more than ten years of hard work, Chart FX 7 has a high reputation and a large customer base in China

Chart FX 7 is easily integrated into Visual Studio 2010, 2008, and 2005, providing developers with unprecedented data visualization capabilities. Chart FX 7 fully utilizes the advantages of the. NET framework and cutting-edge technologies such as AJAX to create visually rich, lightweight, and secure charts, which will improve the display layer of various enterprise applications.


Functional characteristics


Smart Label Wizard

Chart FX 7 fully utilizes Visual Studio Smart Tags to create fully functional wizard functions, allowing users to quickly access the main features of Chart FX 7.


Smooth user interface

Chart FX 7 provides powerful runtime data analysis tools, including drill down, toolbar, drag and drop axis configuration, and highlighting. Users can feel its intelligence when using it.



Default Chart Settings

The Default Charts feature allows users to focus more on the functionality of the application without being troubled by visual or other platform issues.


Data wizard

Although connecting to data sources in Visual Studio is already very simple, there are still many chart components that require the functionality of datasets in the process.


installation wizard

Chart FX 7 utilizes Visual Studio automation model customization installation, and installation wizards can help you quickly integrate charts and other chart objects into your application


Powerful API and attribute list

Chart FX 7 utilizes the Visual Studio object model to add a powerful API that allows users to easily access complex functions and quickly integrate charts into C # or VB NET applications.


Compatible with VS themes

Chart FX 7 is compatible with VS themes, and any changes made to the theme will be extended to the Chart FX controls on the page.




DHTML/AJAX rendering engine

Chart FX 7 uses AJAX web development technology to add a new DHTML rendering engine that can generate fully interactive chart images, and supports state in web applications.


Chart FX 7 Extension Manager

Chart FX 7 Extension Manager is a. NET assembly that allows Chart FX to quickly adapt to real-time charts, financial charts, statistical charts, maps, and OLAP. Simply click on the chart smart tag and select 'Add Extensions' to use it.


Support PSS

PSS is an indispensable part of Chart FX 7, which can be applied to Web Farms without restrictions. Chart FX 7 can easily add advanced chart functions to your enterprise applications



Complete sample and document library


Whether you are a newcomer to Chart FX 7 or an experienced Chart FX developer, you will find rich examples, documents, videos, and other resources in the document library. Huidu will also translate important English documents into Chinese for the convenience of Chinese users. We believe it can help you better integrate Chart FX 7 into Visual Studio.


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