SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) is an enterprise level Linux desktop designed to meet the specific needs of enterprises. The following is an introduction to SLED:

    1. Suitable for routine enterprise applications. SLED is suitable for routine enterprise applications, such as office suites, email, web browsers, and server software.

2. Compatible with existing systems. SLED is compatible with existing systems, allowing users to easily migrate their existing Windows applications and data to SLED without changing hardware or network infrastructure.

3. Provided collaboratability. SLED provides collaboration to existing systems and many office applications, making it easier for different departments and teams to share documents, data, and resources.

4. Provide flexibility for different devices. SLED is not only suitable for traditional devices such as desktops and laptops, but also supports thin terminal devices and high-end professional workstations.

5. Provided technical support services. SLED is continuously developed and improved by SUSE's original factory for this version of the operating system, while also providing technical support services for users, such as phone, email, and website support.

In summary, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) is a powerful enterprise level Linux desktop that is suitable for various enterprise applications and provides flexibility and scalability for enterprises.


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