Delphi is a development tool developed by Borland Corporation in the United States, working on the Windows platform. Its predecessor was the Borland Turbo Pascal product under DOS. From the product name, it can be seen that Turbo Pascal uses the Pascal language. Starting from Turbo Pascal version 5.5, Borland has added object-oriented functionality to traditional Pascal.


Delphi is an integrated development environment (IDE) that uses the Object Pascal language developed from the traditional Pascal language. It is essentially a code editor rather than a language, but since Delphi is almost the only product on the market that uses the Pascal language, it has sometimes become synonymous with what people call Object Pascal. Borland Company has renamed Object Pascal language to Delphi language.


Functional characteristics

Delphi is a visual development tool developed by Borland Company, which can be used in environments such as Windows 3. x, Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Currently, Delphi can also be developed and applied on the LINUX platform, with its corresponding product Kylix on LINUX.


Delphi has a visual integrated development environment (IDE) that uses the object-oriented programming language Object Pascal and a component based development framework. Delphi provides over 500 usable components, allowing developers to quickly construct application systems. Developers can also modify components according to their own needs or write their own components using Delphi itself.


The phrase 'true programmers use C++, smart programmers use Delphi' is the most classic and realistic description of Delphi. Delphi is known as the fourth generation programming language, which has the characteristics of simplicity, efficiency, and powerful functionality. Compared to VC, Delphi is simpler and easier to master, but its functionality is no less impressive; Compared to VB, Delphi is more powerful and practical. It can be said that Delphi combines the powerful functions of VC with the simple and easy to learn features of VB. It has always been a beloved programming tool for programmers. Delphi has the following features: form based and object-oriented methods, high-speed compilers, powerful database support, close integration with Windows programming, and powerful and mature component technology. But the most important thing is still the Object Pascal language, which is the foundation of everything. The Object Pascal language was developed on the basis of Pascal language and is simple and easy to learn.


Delphi provides various development tools, including an integrated environment, Image Editor, and various application programs for developing databases, such as DesktopDataBase Expert. In addition, users are also allowed to hook up to other application development tools, such as Borland's Resource Workshop.


Among the many advantages of Delphi, its expertise in database is particularly prominent: it is suitable for various database structures, from client/server mode to multi-layer data structure mode; Efficient database management system and a new generation of more advanced database engines; The latest data analysis methods and the provision of a large number of enterprise components.



From Delphi 1 and Delphi 2 to Delphi XE3, Delphi has continuously added and improved various features, and its functions have become increasingly powerful. Delphi 5 has added many new improvements to the IDE (Integrated Development Environment), including extended database support (ADO and InterBase databases), MIDAS improved version with Internet support, TeamHouse version control tool, conversion functionality, framework concepts, and many new components and features.

Delphi 6.0 is a set of application development tools launched by Borland Company, which is almost perfect in terms of interface and functionality. Compared to previous versions of Delphi, Delphi 6.0 is simpler to use and more efficient.

Delphi 7.0 is a version that is easier to use, more efficient, and the most stable. It is known as the most powerful tool for developers and the pinnacle of Borland products, making it even more popular worldwide.

Delphi 2010 has a built-in Direct 2D module and development library. Its new features include an IDE that can run simultaneously on x86 and x64. Under this IDE, there will be a cross platform compiler that can compile applications for Linux and MAC; Will support touch programming under Windows 7; Enhanced DataSnap; Will support cloud computing; Functional programming will be supported, which will take a lot of time and is estimated by David to be implemented in 2011.

Delphi XE2 implements cross platform universal development. Through the FireMonkey platform provided by Delphi XE2, Delphi can develop cross platform applications and compile them natively to Windows and Mac OS X platforms. FireMonkey can also create iOS apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, and distribute them to Apple's App Store. Delphi's FireMonkey application has complete hardware acceleration.

Delphi XE3 can release products on different platforms, including Windows 7 and Mac OS. In the future, it will also support mobile versions of Android and iOS.

(1) Directly compile and generate executable code, with fast compilation speed. Due to the use of conditional compilation and selective linking techniques by the Delphi compiler, the execution files generated using it are more refined and run faster. In terms of processing speed and server access, Delphi's performance is far superior to other similar products.

(2) Two solutions are supported to separately delegate access rules to the client or server for processing, and allow developers to establish a simple component or set of components, encapsulate all rules, and be independent of the server and client. All data transfer is completed through these components. This greatly reduces the number of requests to the server and the amount of data transmission on the network, and improves the speed of application processing.

(3) Provides many fast and convenient development methods, allowing developers to complete various applications with as little repetitive work as possible. By using project templates and expert generators, the project architecture can be quickly established and gradually refined according to the actual needs of users.

(4) It has reusability and scalability. Developers no longer need to program common Windows components such as labels, buttons, and dialog boxes. Delphi contains many reusable components that allow users to control the development effect of Windows.



(5) Has powerful data access capabilities. Its data processing tool BDE (Borland Database Engine) is a standard mediation software layer that can be used to process current popular data formats such as xBase, Paradox, etc. It can also directly connect to large databases such as Sybase, SQLServer, Informix, Oracle, etc. through BDE's SQLLink. Delphi can be used for both system software development and application software development.

(6) It has strong network development capabilities and can quickly develop B/S applications. Its built-in IntraWeb and ExpressWeb make network development more efficient than any other development tool.

(7) Delphi uses a unique VCL class library to make the programs written appear organized and clear. VCL is currently the best class library, which puts Delphi in an absolute leading position in the software development industry. Users can build, expand, or even delete VCLs according to their own needs to meet different needs.

(8) Starting from Delphi 8, Delphi also supports program development under the. Net framework.

Currently, DELPHI has become a brand, not just a name for a development platform or language. Currently, DELPHI products have been further developed by CodeGear, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BORLAND. Currently, CodeGear provides DELPHI FOR PHP for developers, fully supporting object-oriented PHP website development in a highly visual manner, greatly improving the code reuse level of PHP development websites, and becoming a new tool for web application development.


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