Confluence is a professional enterprise knowledge management and collaboration software that can also be used to build enterprise wikis. Easy to use, its powerful editing and site management features can help team members share information, collaborate on documents, brainstorm, and push information.

Confluence provides a collaborative environment for the team. Here, team members work together and excel in writing documents and managing projects in a collaborative manner. From then on, the stalemate of information silos between different teams, departments, and individuals was broken, and Conflict truly achieved organizational resource sharing.

Confluence has been successfully applied to enterprise intranet platforms, knowledge management, and document management in over 100 countries and 13500 organizations, involving Fortune 1000 enterprises, government agencies, educational institutions, financial institutions, and technology research fields.

Many well-known enterprises, including IBM, Sun Microsystems, SAP, and others, use Confluence to build enterprise wikis and make them open to the public.

Main characteristics


Space is a combination of pages that can create an unlimited number of spaces

Each space has its own permission settings, and the space administrator assigns permissions to users and groups

Confluence provides multiple methods for exporting spatial content to formats such as HTML, PDF, XML, Word, etc

Each space in Confluence has a blog that belongs to that space, and the blog content can be notifications, itineraries, status reports, or any time related information

Click on the "View Labels" page in the space to view all the labels in the space, click on any label to view the page with that label, and further click on the label to obtain satisfactory results


Confluence records the editing process of each page through historical versions, making it easy to view differences between versions or restore to previous versions

Support page templates, when adding a new page in the space, there is no need to start from scratch, and content can be added on top of the page template

The pages in the space are organized into a tree like relationship based on parent-child relationships. Although this page organization relationship is simple, it is very effective in classifying and organizing content

Confluence can import Word documents into a single page and automatically split and organize the pages in a tree structure based on document chapters

Pages can be moved and copied in the same or different spaces, sorted alphabetically or manually

Supports tag functionality to identify pages and blogs. Tags can provide detailed categorization of pages and aggregate content across multiple spaces and types

Comments can be made on the discussion of page content, which is an effective way for community users to communicate

Confluence automatically places deleted pages in the recycle bin and the pages can be restored unless the administrator clears the recycle bin

Page restrictions can be set for a single page, who can view and edit, and child pages inherit the "view" restriction settings of the parent page


A simple and easy-to-use rich text editor that allows users to quickly get started. Confluence's rich text editor can help users easily and quickly create attractive pages

Supports editing in Word. Clicking on the 'Edit in Word' link on the page or blog will open the page in Microsoft Word. After editing, the edited content can be saved back in Confluence

Confluence automatically saves drafts when users input, and when the browser crashes while editing, your input will not be lost

Images can be displayed in multiple ways on the page, and can also be displayed in thumbnail format, or displayed as a gallery for slideshow playback

It is easy to embed multimedia in pages, and Confluence supports the following multimedia formats: Flash (. swf) Quicktime movies (. mov) Windows Media (. wma,. wmv) Real Media (. rm,. ram) MP3 files (. mp3) AVI files (. avi)

Supports simultaneous editing. When two or more people edit the same page at the same time, Confluence will ensure that everyone will not lose any content

Supports drag and drop. Drag and drop to directly input embedded images and Office documents into a rich text editor

You can link to any object in the system through a link browser, such as pages, blogs, attachments, and even users.

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