一、 Software Introduction

How to achieve efficient and flexible output management of office equipment while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) in an enterprise office environment is currently the most concerning issue for all enterprise managers. The Ysoft SafeQ output management solution can optimize your enterprise's printing, copying, scanning, and other job output environments, helping you easily solve difficult problems.

Ysoft SafeQ can solve your problems in the following areas:

1. Urgently improving work efficiency, eliminating the need to spend time on trivial management tasks, and achieving integrated management with a unified interface

2. Need an efficient and stable printing environment, so that printing can continue even in the event of server failure

3. It is necessary to understand who, where, and what type of file is being output by the device to ensure that the output job is related to the job

4. While ensuring normal office work, control the cost of document output for the entire enterprise and regularly receive visual central data analysis reports

5. Need to provide employees with an intelligent office environment to improve the efficiency of output tasks such as printing, copying, and scanning

So, for the most effective management and protection of your company's office output environment, Ysoft SafeQ is your wise choice!




二、 Software Features

Maintain system stability and improve IT work efficiency

1. Domain user information synchronization

The SafeQ database can automatically synchronize with domain user data on a regular basis, making operation efficient and convenient.

2. Optimize system resources

SafeQ optimizes data transmission speed and automatically allocates workload, greatly alleviating network pressure and ensuring stable system operation.

4. ORS and Multidomain Management

Meet the needs of group users for multi domain management, with high-performance ORS (offline remote printing pool). The integrated management of the entire printing environment ensures the efficiency and stability of the system while easily completing daily management and maintenance work.

5. Ensuring Enterprise Information and Strengthening Document Security

Output after card swiping authentication

Without card swiping authentication, no one will be able to perform any printing, copying, or scanning, ensuring that enterprise information is not leaked or improperly utilized, and ensuring the safety of equipment use.

6. Manage job information

All employees' operations on any device within the network will be recorded, including copying, printing, and scanning, for future analysis and report output.

Realize cost visualization and control office expenses




7. Continuously optimizing the printing environment

The central data report automatically generated by SafeQ allows you to have a clear understanding of your printing environment and make optimization plans. It also provides corresponding functions such as rule printing to help you optimize your office environment and control office costs.

Meeting the needs of special industries

It can achieve paid printing, copying, scanning, and charging by project functions to meet the needs of different industries.

Advocating green environmental protection and responding to sustainable development

8. Reduce the use of paper and energy

SafeQ helps you reduce the use of paper, toner cartridges, and electricity, making your office environment more environmentally friendly and healthy.

9. Green Report

By displaying the achievements achieved in saving wood quantity, electricity, and other aspects, showcase the effectiveness of your company in protecting the natural environment, and make the concept of environmental protection deeply rooted in people's hearts.

Convenient and efficient operation, opening up a new office mode

10. Efficient printing

You can obtain your own print files from any output device at the headquarters or branch office, share files with the team, and safely and conveniently print files from mobile devices in line with the BYOD * trend.

11. Easy scanning

Through SafeQ, one click scanning can be achieved, creating workflows, and simplifying daily scanning work.

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