AVPro Video is a powerful U nity cross platform video playback plugin created by RenderHeads, which can be used in Unity3d with powerful features




Summary of characteristics:


Supports Unity 2018. x -2021. x and higher versions
       Cross platform version, suitable for iOS, tvOS, macOS, Android, Windows, UWP
       Optional fallback for Unity's VideoPlayer (upcoming)
       Elegant fallback of unsupported platforms



One API for all supported platforms

Easy to use, drag and drop components

Scriptable API


Powerful features

Play local files, URL files, and adaptive streaming formats

VR support (mono, stereo, equidistant rectangles, and cube maps)

Transparency support (native and packaged)

Supports linear and gamma color spaces

8K video support (on supported hardware)

Streaming bit rate control (upcoming)



Video playback encrypted through AES HLS

Custom HTTP headers for secure playback

Supports industry codecs such as Hap, Hap Alpha, Hap Q, and Hap Q Alpha (supporting 16K+)

Highly optimized

Highly optimized

Optimized native Direct3D, OpenGL, and Metal support

Focus on minimizing waste generation



Components for IMGUI, Unity UI (NGUI may also exist in the future)

Timeline/playable items, shader diagrams, visual effects components

support SRP (URP / HDRP)


Very supportive

Provide a free watermark trial version (download here)
        Good documentation

Public issue tracker


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