Protopie is a prototype design tool designed for communication designers, which can help designers easily and quickly create communication prototypes of practical products without the need for programming. The operating principle of ProtoPie is also very simple, that is, "intersection=trigger action+reaction action+object". Users only need to combine the object, trigger action, and reaction action from scratch, and can easily create a high fidelity interaction prototype like a puzzle!


Protopie is a comprehensive prototype design software that supports high fidelity prototyping, such as page jumping and component jumping, as well as condition judgment, linkage, function calculation, device sensor triggering, etc. It also supports inserting video and audio Loties, componentization, and can create relatively smooth page effects. The APP prototype preview effect is good, and it can be previewed by scanning QR codes on the phone in the same Wi Fi environment, You can also send files to your phone for offline preview: supports Mac&Win. However, Protopie is not capable of drawing and does not support left and right sliding operation triggering, nor does it support graphic transformation. Of course, it supports importing XD, Figma, and Sketch. You can modify them in the source file before importing, and they will be updated synchronously.


Major Function


Operation interface:

The interface of Protopie is concise and easy to use, without any code knowledge. The interface of the software and image editing software is similar. Prototyping only takes three steps, combining objects, triggering actions, and reaction actions, to easily create complete interactive prototypes.


Interactive methods:

Protopie is simple yet powerful, supporting multi touch gesture interaction prototypes. The interaction actions are rich and logically clear, and there is also a dynamic interaction expression function to input calculation formulas and functions containing variables, making the interaction effect more rich. Sound, tilt, and communication between intelligent devices can all be added to the handover prototype. The prototype has high fidelity and can be extended to more Service design fields。




voice interaction:

Protopie can create voice based interactions, recognize passwords with specific words, or read input/preset content aloud. Easily make prototypes of voice search, voice assistant and dictation applications, so that your Interaction design doesn't just stay on touch actions。

Import Document:

In ProtoPie, you can import Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch design files with just a few clicks, without the need to rearrange, and simply add interactive actions. More convenient plugin tools are also being developed, making it easier to import design drafts and making work efficiency more efficient。


Synchronous Demo:

ProtoPie consists of two parts: ProtoPie studio and ProtoPie Player. ProtoPie Studio is used to create prototypes on the computer. After downloading ProtoPie Player on Android and iOS phones, you can receive prototypes made on the computer for testing interaction effects on the phone。


Cloud sharing:

Files created using Protopine can be managed and shared in the web cloud workspace. Sharing prototypes, adding descriptions, and setting download source file permissions among team members have become easy to obtain. ProtoPie Cloud can also automatically save historical versions of documents, making it easier to recover and share historical documents。



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