SolidWorks is a subsidiary of Dassault Systems, specializing in the development and sales of window products for mechanical design software. The company is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA.


Dassault Company is responsible for providing systematic software supply and providing support services with Internet integration capabilities to manufacturers. The group provides systems that cover the entire product lifecycle, including the best software systems in various fields such as design, engineering, manufacturing, and product data management. The famous CATIAV5 was created by the company, and Dassault's CAD product market share ranks among the world's top.

SolidWorks was founded in 1993, initiated by the Vice President of Technology at PTC and the Vice President of CV, headquartered in Concord, Massachusetts. Its original goal was to provide a productive solid model design system on every engineer's desktop. From the launch of the first SolidWorks 3D mechanical design software in 1995 to 2010, we have established offices worldwide and sold and distributed the product through 300 distributors in 140 countries worldwide. In 1997, Solidworks was acquired by French company Dassault Systemes as the flagship brand in the mid-range mainstream market of Dassault.




Software features


Solidworks software has powerful functions and a wide range of components. Solidworks has three major features: powerful functionality, easy to learn and use, and technological innovation, making it a leading and mainstream 3D CAD solution. SolidWorks can provide different design solutions, reduce errors in the design process, and improve product quality. SolidWorks not only provides such powerful functions, but also makes it easy to operate, learn, and use for every engineer and designer.

For users familiar with Microsoft's Windows system, SolidWorks can basically be used for design. The unique drag and drop function of SolidWorks allows users to complete large-scale assembly designs in a relatively short amount of time. SolidWorks Explorer is the same CAD file manager as Windows Explorer, which allows for easy management of CAD files. By using SolidWorks, users can complete more work in a relatively short period of time and quickly launch high-quality products to the market.




SolidWorks is one of the relatively simple and convenient software for the design process among the 3D CAD solutions currently available in the market. According to Daratech, a renowned American consulting firm, "SolidWorks is the most famous brand in 3D CAD software based on the Windows platform and a leader in rapid market growth

With powerful design features and easy to learn and use operations (including Windows style drag/drop, click/click, cut/paste), using SolidWorks, the entire product design is 100% editable, and the relationship between part design, assembly design, and engineering drawings is fully relevant.


User interface

★ SolidWorks only provides a complete set of dynamic interfaces and mouse drag controls. The 'fully dynamic' user interface reduces design steps and redundant dialog boxes, thereby avoiding interface clutter.

★ A brand new attribute manager is used to efficiently manage the entire design process and steps. The property administrator contains all design data and parameters, and is easy to operate and intuitive in interface.

★ The SolidWorks resource manager allows for easy management of CAD files. SolidWords is the only CAD file manager similar to Windows Explorer.

★ Feature templates provide a good environment for standard parts and features. Users can directly call standard parts and features from feature templates and share them with colleagues.

The AutoCAD simulator provided by SolidWorks allows AutoCAD users to maintain their original drawing habits and smoothly transition from 2D design to 3D solid design.




Configuration Management

Configuration management is a very unique part of SolidWorks software architecture, involving part design, assembly design, and engineering drawings. Configuration management enables you to derive different parts or assemblies from a CAD document by transforming and combining different parameters.


Collaborative work

★ SolidWorks provides technologically advanced tools that enable you to collaborate through the internet.

★ Easily share CAD files through eDrawings. EDrawing is a special file that is extremely compressed, can be sent via email, and can be self decompressed and browsed.

★ Display vivid physical models through a 3D hosting website. A 3D hosting website is a service provided by SolidWorks that allows you to quickly view product structure anytime, anywhere.

★ SolidWorks supports web directories, making it convenient for you to store design data in folders on the internet, just like storing it on a local hard drive.

★ Collaborate in real-time through the internet using 3D Meeting. 3D Meeting is a collaborative work environment developed based on Microsoft NetMeeting technology specifically for SolidWorks designers.




Assembly Design

★ In SolidWorks, when generating new parts, you can directly reference other parts and maintain this reference relationship. In the assembly environment, components can be easily designed and modified. For large assemblies with over 10000 components, SolidWorks' performance has been greatly improved.

★ SolidWorks can dynamically view all movements of the assembly and perform dynamic interference checks and gap detection on moving components.

★ Automatically complete repetitive designs using intelligent component technology. Intelligent parts technology is a new technology used to complete tasks such as installing a standard bolt into a screw hole while assembling the gasket and nut in the correct order.

★ The mirror component is a huge breakthrough in SolidWorks technology. Mirror components can generate new components based on existing components (including parts with derived relationships or associations with other parts).

★ SolidWorks uses intelligent assembly technology with capture and coordination to accelerate the overall assembly of the assembly body. Intelligent assembly technology can automatically capture and define assembly relationships.


Engineering Drawing

★ SolidWorks provides a tool for generating complete and workshop approved detailed engineering drawings. The engineering drawing is fully relevant, and when you modify the drawing, the 3D model, various views, and assembly will automatically update.

★ Automatically generate engineering drawings from 3D models, including views, dimensions, and annotations.

★ Enhanced detail operations and cross-sectional views, including generating cross-sectional views, component layer support, familiar 2D sketch functionality, and attribute managers in detail.

★ By using RapidDraft technology, engineering drawings can be separated from 3D parts and assemblies for individual operations to accelerate the operation of engineering drawings, while maintaining full correlation with 3D parts and assemblies.

★ Using alternating position display views can easily display different positions of components, in order to understand the sequence of motion. The alternating position display view is a unique engineering drawing feature designed specifically for assemblies with motion relationships.



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