SUSE Manager is a leading open source infrastructure management and automation solution for managing, provisioning, and monitoring SLES and RHEL systems. It reduces costs, identifies risks, improves availability, and reduces complexity in edge, cloud, and data center environments. In the event of uncertainty and IT staff interruptions, issues such as locally developed tools, different management products, remote management issues, lack of automation, and inconsistent monitoring and health checks will become more severe. SUSE Manager can solve all these problems and ensure the security, normal operation, compliance, and low maintenance costs of servers, virtual machines, containers, and clusters, whether in private, public, or hybrid clouds.

A variety of new features, including expanded operating system support, cluster integration and management, as well as availability enhancement, virtual machine management and monitoring capabilities, can reduce costs and simplify management. SUSE Manager can also scale to tens of thousands of client devices.

SUSE Manager for Retail is a leading open source infrastructure management solution optimized and customized for the retail industry. By supporting new features for small retail store operations, enhanced offline capabilities, Wi Fi image management, and enhanced virtual machine management and monitoring capabilities, operational efficiency is improved. It can expand the retail environment to tens of thousands of terminal devices and effectively modernize the service point environment.




Four important functions


SUSE Manager is the ideal choice for enterprises seeking a single management solution that supports multiple Linux distributions, including SLES, RHEL, openSUSE, Oracle Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Amazon Linux.

Easily enable and deploy large-scale Linux devices

Determine how many Linux systems you need and what purpose you need them for, and SUSE Manager will handle the rest of the trivial matters for you. Administrators can use AutoYaST or Kickstart to create their own ISO images for bare metal, containers, or virtual institutions. No matter where the node is located (from the edge to the data center to the cloud), it can scale to hundreds of thousands of nodes.

Automated software updates and patch installation

Allow you to automate the installation of software updates and patches for the entire system or individual software packages. A powerful security system ensures that each software package is centrally authorized. You can use a single command to schedule and execute multiple software updates.

Enterprise level security and auditing

Protect your system by actively managing vulnerabilities through automatic, system level configuration and vulnerability scanning using the CVE list or OpenSCAP protocol. Audit your system - whether it's IoT edge devices, containerized workloads, Kubernetes clusters, traditional bare metal servers, or virtual machines

Re control retail POS devices

Reduce complexity through simplified management and control, while increasing flexibility and regaining control over POS devices and image construction. Flexibility in hardware selection is achieved through a wide range of supported hardware types, thereby improving flexibility, selectivity, and supplier independence.


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