Microsoft Visio is a flowchart and vector drawing software running under the Windows operating system, which is a part of Microsoft Office software.

After Microsoft acquired the company of the same name in 2000, Visio became a product of Microsoft. Its competitors are Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia FreeHand, and CorelDraw.

Additionally, although Visio is a part of Microsoft Office software. But it is usually sold separately and not bundled with the Microsoft Office suite.

Transform the way you use and visualize data, so that you can turn your best ideas into reality. Visio has dozens of ready-made templates and thousands of customizable shapes, making creating powerful visual objects simple and fun.


Confidently and calmly create easily understandable visual objects, choosing from dozens of pre made templates, introductory charts, and molds available in Visio desktops and web applications.

Flow Chart

Utilize the powerful flowchart functionality of Visio to turn ideas into reality. Use a rich library of shapes, molds, and templates to convey numbers and information in an influential way

Organization Chart

Easily create organizational charts that visually present team, hierarchical, or reporting structures, and then share the charts with employees, teams, and stakeholders


Express your ideas boldly. Using a series of templates for visualizing problems and mapping solutions, from fishbone diagrams to SWOT analysis, making inspiration triggering simple and feasible

Layout plan

Use precise and scalable templates and tools to design social distance workspaces, retail store layouts, new homes, etc., helping you visualize functionality, processes, and aesthetic appeal

Network Diagram

Simplify the system design process using various network templates, shapes, and connector tools, and explain how devices and networks work together.



Real-Time Collaboration

Create and co create professional looking charts to achieve effective decision making, Data and information visualization and process execution, thus helping improve the productivity of the entire enterprise。


Visio and Microsoft 365

Visio is an innovative solution that introduces the powerful features of Microsoft 365 into Visio through a series of integrated functions, helping you visualize business processes connected to data

More accessible than ever before

Visio supports various auxiliary functions, including narrator, auxiliary function checker, and high contrast support, to help ensure that Visio charts are available for everyone to use。

Enterprise level security and privacy

Visio and Microsoft 365 applications share many security features, including Information Rights Management (IRM), which supports the continuous generation of chart files during user collaboration.



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