ToDesk Enterprise High Performance Design Edition is a multi person collaborative design software developed by Shenzhen Lemon Network Technology Co., Ltd. The software is characterized by high performance, stability, and fluency, providing a brand new remote collaboration experience for designers and creative teams.

The biggest advantage of ToDesk Enterprise High Performance Design Edition lies in its excellent graphics processing and transmission performance. With advanced image processing technology, ToDesk can achieve a high-definition, smooth remote design experience, allowing designers to participate in team collaboration anytime, anywhere without being limited by geographical location. At the same time, ToDesk Enterprise High Performance Design Edition also has excellent data transfer performance, which can quickly transfer large design files, greatly improving the efficiency of team collaboration.


The user interface of ToDesk Enterprise High Performance Design Edition is simple, intuitive, and easy to operate. Users only need to install ToDesk on the computers of the main and controlled ends, and can remotely connect and use it through ID and access password. The design software on the controlled computer can be used locally, allowing designers to freely switch between different design software or tools for seamless collaboration. In addition, ToDesk also supports collaboration between multiple people remotely on a single computer, making team collaboration more efficient.

In addition to a high-definition and smooth remote design experience and a simple and easy-to-use user interface, ToDesk Enterprise High Performance Design Edition also offers multiple security guarantees. Firstly, ToDesk adopts advanced data encryption technology to ensure the security of data transmission. Secondly, ToDesk also supports multiple permission control and access management functions, which can flexibly control the access permissions of different users to the controlled computer, avoiding data leakage and security risks. In addition, ToDesk also supports real-time monitoring and screen recording functions, allowing administrators to view employees' work status at any time, ensuring the standardization and efficiency of team collaboration.


First RTC Engine - Remote Experience Renews "Core" Life

RTC is a cutting-edge technology specifically designed for real-time high-definition, which has undergone overall reconstruction and optimization of the entire audio and video encoding, network transmission, and image processing processes. It is also an essential framework for the next generation of 4K ultra clear real-time transmission.

Introducing the RTC engine into remote software by ToDesk is a big step in the industry, but it is only a small step in ToDesk's pursuit of the ultimate user experience.

Persistent and stable connection - not distracted by creative interruptions

Encountering a connection interruption during remote design not only interrupts the design process, but may also result in the loss of unsaved content.

ToDesk's exclusive transmission algorithm can withstand even more intense network jitter, and has intelligent network planning to actively bypass congested lines, ensuring stable connection through multiple channels, helping your remote design work in one go.




Smooth visual angle rotation and image zooming - immersive design is efficient

Graphic work requires frequent zooming and rotation of visual angles, which can seriously affect the experience and cause anxiety and fatigue.

In the all-new high-definition version, ToDesk, in conjunction with the RTC framework, optimizes multiple core algorithms to achieve a smooth display of 60 frames per second for 2K graphics in a home broadband real machine environment.




Senseless low latency - precise operation comparable to local computers

The ToDesk high-definition version has a latency as low as 0.04 seconds, which is almost imperceptible to the naked eye. Whether it's mouse movement, text input, or tablet touch, you can immediately see corresponding feedback on the screen, and the operating experience is almost identical to that of a local computer.

Ultra low latency eliminates the need for creators to wait for every action, significantly reducing misoperation and improving the quality of remote design.

ToDesk comes with OTT SD-WAN network optimization, which enriches forwarding nodes and available lines, enabling real-time intelligent planning to bypass congestion





Local server deployment: seamlessly integrated with existing systems, enabling convenient remote access within the local area network

Data Autonomy: Data is completely stored on independent servers within the enterprise, eliminating data leakage and loss

Multiple transmission schemes balance security and performance: P2P direct connection, server forwarding, and other line schemes. Enjoy enterprise level SD-WAN network services



In summary, ToDesk Enterprise High Performance Design Edition is a powerful and high-performance multi-person collaborative design software. It can help designers and creative teams achieve seamless remote collaboration, improve work efficiency and quality, while also emphasizing data security and user privacy protection. Whether for large enterprises or small creative teams, ToDesk Enterprise High Performance Design Edition is a trustworthy choice.


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