Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing (DTP) application from Adobe, primarily used for typesetting and editing of various printed materials. This software is released directly against its competitor QuarkXPress. Although initially facing some difficulties in gaining users, it began to catch up with its competitors after the release of the Mac OS X version in 2002. Now InDesign CS and CS2 are also important components of the Creative Suite suite, and are sold Product bundling with Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat.

InDesign can directly export documents to Adobe's PDF format and has multilingual support. It is also the first mainstream DTP application to support Unicode text processing, taking the lead in using new OpenType fonts, advanced transparency performance, layer styles, custom cropping, and other features. It is based on JavaScript features, as well as the linkage function with brother software such as Illustrator and Photoshop, as well as the consistency of the interface, which has been favored by users.

As the successor of PageMaker, InDesign is positioned as a high-end user. Adobe has stopped developing PageMaker and shifted to InDesign. It was initially primarily applicable to regular publications, posters, and other print media. Some long documents still use FrameMaker (operating instructions, Technical documentation, etc.) or QuarkXPress (books, catalogues, etc.). With the merger of relevant databases, the sharing of InDesign and Adobe InCopy, a word processing tool that uses the same formatting engine, has made it an important software in newspapers, magazines, and other publishing environments.


Productivity Tools

Create complex page layouts and linked content, collect content tools, and quickly create objects.


Develop powerful automated workflow standards based on XML functionality to create page creation capabilities for text and images.

Interactive documents and presentations

Add interactivity, motion, sound and video files and presentations, and directly export them for playback in SWF Flash Player.

Multiple pages of different sizes

Build web pages with different sizes in a single file

Paragraph span or split column

Quickly create text spanning or splitting into multiple columns in just a few short steps.

Simplify object selection and editing

Effectively utilize convenient tools and objects for control when performing repetitive tasks.

Document Installation Font

Help solve font replacement issues for installed fonts in documents.

Copy Revision Tracking

Mark text directly on InDesign for easy tracking of copy revisions.

Dynamic subtitles

Automatically generate static or dynamic subtitles from image metadata.。

Add PDF export options

Export PDF files in accordance with PDF/X-4: 2010, PDF/X-5: 2010, tightly integrated with Adobe Acrobat X and Adobe PDF printing engine 2.5, and PDF/VT-1 standards.

Comprehensive Layer Panel

Easily manage pages in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator with a similar project in the Layers panel.

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