Office Timeline is a very professional PPT timeline plugin. The all-new version 7.0 is by far the most powerful, providing a rich collection of PPT timeline template materials for you to use for free. It also allows for quick creation of PPTs and workflow diagrams, and offers numerous custom color, shape, date format, task duration, completion percentage, and other setting options.

[Functional Features]

1. Beauty surpasses complexity.

Build an amazing PowerPoint timeline without effort or cost.

2. Free up from manually building and managing visual project plans.

Timelines can help you create timelines, Gantt charts, and swimlanes almost immediately in PowerPoint. Customize them with just a few clicks to create clear and elegant high-level presentations that everyone can understand.

3. A user-friendly PowerPoint timeline generator. Work in the way of clients and colleagues.

Suitable for all versions of PowerPoint. Provide them with exquisite PowerPoint slides that anyone with Microsoft Office documents can view, edit, and share.

4. Easily manage and change data.

The powerful data wizard and drag and drop visual editor of this plugin make timeline management flexible and intuitive. Updating schedules when projects and plans change is both fast and easy.

5. The PowerPoint schedule has become simple.

There are no complex steps. There is no learning curve. No trouble!

6. Start from scratch or select a template.

The timeline wizard aims to make it simple. All of this starts with choosing the type of timeline you want to create.

7. Enter your data and click Create.

After selecting the timeline template, enter or import your key milestones and tasks. Set their date, click on the 'Create' button, look! The timeline has been created.

8. The arrangement and style leave a deep impression.

Use drag and drop functionality to immediately rearrange or update your visual effects. Then customize according to your way - color, shape, date format, task duration, completion percentage... change any details as you please.

9. Enjoy more freedom with Plus Edition.

The free version is fully featured, and Office Timeline 6 brings more features! Plus Edition unlocks pre designed templates, allowing you to freely add as much data as needed, so you can create detailed and unique PowerPoint timelines and Gantt charts.

【Software Features】

1. Align programs and projects with multi-level swimlanes

Display programs with multiple projects or workflows within the swimlane. Visually organize your project portfolio to easily showcase the status of the plan to colleagues, executives, and other stakeholders

2. Presenting multiple schedules for better scheduling

Display up to 3 time scales simultaneously on your timeline to display plans across days, weeks, months, quarters, or years. Easily visualize long-term projects and plans to understand how they align with your schedule

3. Convert project spreadsheets into unique and vibrant timeline slides

Import your Excel schedule into Office Timeline 6 and provide them with what they want: a simple, visual PowerPoint slide that shows your project or program aligned on a beautiful timeline

4. Unlock more fashionable investment portfolios and program templates

The Pro+plugin provides you with a pre designed template with in-lane swimlanes. Quickly impress stakeholders and teams with exquisite slides that showcase multiple programs and projects at a glance

5. Easy data management

Quickly add, edit, copy, or hide the entire swimlane and sub swimlanes to accurately show the audience what they need

6. Drag and drop update

Rearrange swimlanes, sub swimlanes, milestones, and tasks, or update dates and durations... all through drag and drop operations

7. Customized everything

Design any detail, from multiple time scales, swimlanes and sub swimlanes, to shapes, fonts, and colors. Easily create a unique schedule that will amaze any audience

8. Display Custom Fiscal Year

Easily customize your schedule to reflect your organization's financial calendar, so that you keep up with the reporting pace with stakeholders.

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