FusionCharts is a product of InfoSoft Global, a professional provider of Flash graphics solutions. They also have several other products based on Flash technology, all of which are very beautiful. FusionCharts free is a cross platform, cross browser flash chart component solution that can be called by ASP. NET, ASP, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails, simple HTML pages, and even PPT. You don't need to know anything about flash programming, you just need to know the programming language you are using.


Animation and interaction diagrams


With FusionCharts, you can quickly and conveniently provide interactive animated charts to end users. Different chart types support different forms of animation and interactivity, providing a different experience for end users

Easy to use and powerful AJAX/JavaScript integration

FusionCharts provides advanced methods for combining charts with AJAX applications or JavaScript modules. You can update the chart at any time on the client, call JavaScript functions for hotspot links, or request dynamic XML data to be made to the server without involving any page refresh.


Easy to use

With FusionCharts, you don't have to install anything on your server. All you need to do is copy and paste the SWF file (core file FusionCharts) onto your server, just like you would make any image file - you're ready! Therefore, even if ActiveX or any other form of component is not allowed to be installed on these servers, FusionCharts can run smoothly.

FusionCharts make the chart creation process simple and convenient. Because it uses XML as its data source, all you need to do is convert your data into XML format, and then use a programming language or a visual GUI to provide FusionCharts - all of which requires creating interactive and animated charts.

Running on various platforms

Regardless of the server-side scripting language or client-side scripting language you use, FusionCharts can be used to create charts. FusionCharts uses XML as the data interface and can run on any server and any scripting language. To view the chart, users only need to install Adobe Flash Player, which is embedded in almost every browser.

Reduce the load on your server


In traditional image based rendering systems, charts, and image generation are server-side. Therefore, for each chart, you need to provide it to the user, where you can create complex images on the server and then stream them to the client. When needed, this may be an expensive resource on the server, as image creation requires a large number of people on the server.

FusionCharts brings you great comfort - all charts are presented on the widely installed Adobe Flash platform on the client side. The server is only responsible for pre established SWF files and your XML data files for the flow. From there, the responsibility of Flash Player is to make charts. In addition, the chart SWF file can be stored, allowing you to only update the data instead of sending the chart SWF file every time.

Numerous chart types

FusionCharts v3 provides you with a wide range of chart types. From basic bar charts, bar charts, line charts, pie charts, etc., with advanced combination and scrolling charts, you can create all charts with the same ease of use. The Web&Enterprise application supports over 90 chart types and 550 maps, while JS supports various real-time charts, maps, editable charts, and gauges.

drill down

Using LinkedCharts, you can create infinite levels of drill down charts in just a few minutes, with each level displaying different chart types and data. To achieve this, no additional code needs to be written.




Animated charts add special effects to your web application, leaving a deeper impression on your customers and bosses. The chart created by FusionCharts has a smooth appearance and interesting interaction. Some charts can provide a unique user experience that no other component can provide, such as our true 3D charts that allow you to dynamically rotate and observe the chart from any perspective on the client. Similarly, our pie and donut charts allow you to slice and rotate the pie chart on the client side.

The copy paste installation method allows you to easily install FusionCharts on any type of server.

Cross platform nature and cross browser compatibility allow you to use FusionCharts for any programming language.

In addition, as FusionCharts runs on XML, you can connect it to any database and data source, including Microsoft SQL,

Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, CSV, legacy data systems, etc.

There are over 45 types of charts available that can help you shape data into any shape.

A large number of configuration options allow you to control the functionality and appearance elements of each chart. This can

By using the XML API provided by each icon.

The enhancement of interactivity with AJAX/JavaScript can help you create updated charts on the client itself. You can also intercept events created by client charts.


The drilling function is widely supported at all data points and throughout the chart. You can drill down to the same window, new window, pop-up window, frame page, or even intercept events in JavaScript.

As charts are generated on the client side, reduce the burden on your server. Through traditional graphical based chart components, you will always incur cost sharing due to the need to render graphics on the server side. FusionCharts can help you completely eliminate these costs, allowing you to create highly scalable visualization systems.

Support advanced chart options such as dual axis, trend lines/zones, missing data, advanced number formats, color themes, customizable tools, etc.

Charts can be exported as graphs, allowing you to embed them in reports.

A large number of code examples, documents, and blueprint applications can help you get started easily.



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