Wanxing Zhiyan is an AI intelligent video demonstration software developed by Shenzhen Wanxing Technology Co., Ltd. It is mainly aimed at business speeches, training and teaching, and product demonstrations, and can help users quickly create high-quality video demonstration works. Here are some detailed introductions about the software


一、Functional characteristics


AI Intelligent Demonstration: Through AI technology, Wanxing Zhiyan can automatically identify the demonstration content and intelligently recommend corresponding demonstration templates based on different scenarios, enabling users to quickly create demonstration videos.

Multiple templates: Wanxing Zhiyan provides various templates, including business speeches, training and teaching, product demonstrations, etc. Each template has been carefully designed to meet the presentation needs in different scenarios.

Intelligent editing: With the AI intelligent editing function, users can automatically add background music, subtitles, animations, and other elements during the production process, making the demonstration video more vivid and interesting.

Custom Material Library: Users can create a custom material library to upload personal speeches, training courses, product displays, and other materials to the material library, making it easy to access at any time and improving production efficiency.

Multi platform support: Wanxing Zhiyan supports platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, and users can use it to create demonstration videos on different devices.

Export multiple formats: supports exporting multiple formats, including MP4, AVI, WMV, etc., which can meet the user's usage needs in different situations.




二、Use Flow


Start the software: After opening the Wanxing Zhiyan software, it will enter the main interface.

Select Template: In the main interface, you can see multiple templates, and users can choose the template that suits them for editing.

Add Material: In the editing interface, users can add their own materials to the editing track, including videos, images, audio, etc.

AI intelligent editing: Through the AI intelligent editing function, users can enable the software to automatically recognize materials and add elements such as background music, subtitles, animations, etc., making the demonstration videos more vivid and interesting.

Export Video: After editing, you can export the video to the desired format. You can adjust the resolution, bit rate and other parameters in the export settings to control the size and quality of the video.




Wanxing Zhiyan is an AI intelligent video presentation software designed for business speeches, training and product demonstrations. It has a rich template and material library, which can help users quickly create high-quality video presentation works. The operation of this software is simple and easy to understand, and users can easily get started with video production. At the same time, the software supports platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Android, and can be used for video production on different devices. However, it should be noted that although the software has AI intelligent editing function, users still need to adjust and optimize the details of the demonstration video according to the actual situation. In short, Wanxing Zhiyan is a very practical video production software that can help users quickly and efficiently complete various types of video production tasks.

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