The uDraper Unreal Engine Real Time Fabric Simulation plugin was created by the Three Mirrors team based on our extensive knowledge and experience in real-time fabric simulation, 3D clothing design, materials, and Unreal Engine development. We are pleased to help you achieve an unprecedented level of authenticity in your character's clothing, just like your magnificent characters, magnificent scenes, and captivating storylines, which are unbelievable.

The simulation of fabric has always been a technical challenge in 3D design, animation, and game development. Traditional fabric simulation methods often require a large amount of computing resources and time, and the results are difficult to achieve realism. In order to solve this problem, uDraper emerged. It utilizes advanced algorithms and technologies to achieve real-time fabric simulation, greatly improving design and development efficiency, while also enhancing the realism of the work.


Sanjing was established in Toronto, Canada in 2010 with the concept of making it possible for consumers to try on clothing online. After years of research and development, we have created the world's first real-time fabric simulation and multi platform 3D virtual fitting solution.


The virtual fitting technology of Three Mirrors is advancing bravely: it is the first time in history to integrate accuracy, real-time, 3D visualization, animation, aesthetics, and entertainment, and has high value for both shoppers and brands. It implements the world's first real-time fitting solution, allowing users to try on real clothing on real size models, and allowing users to view the tightness of various parts of the clothing and its condition while moving in various ways before purchasing.


It was originally created for online applications and real-time streaming in the cloud, on tablets and phones (you can even adjust the fabric and fit with your fingers), in stores (through gesture control and 3D facial scanning), and using our 3D Draper tool to simplify sampling rates and the entire supply chain for designers. E-commerce displays have increased conversion rates by 35 times and reduced return rates by 30%. Here are some examples of how to achieve success in an omnichannel environment, published in featured reports on Forbes, USA Today, Huffington Post, CBC, Times, and BBC.


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