TSplus - Transforms all inefficient legacy devices into fully efficient workstations




Personalized and flexible network channels to access business resources


Through TSplus Remote Web Portal, you can access applications, data, and desktops from anywhere through any HTML5 browser on your computer desktop or mobile device. No matter what equipment employees use, they can ensure efficient work efficiency by providing the same working environment.

With just one click, resumes can be quickly browsed on the webpage, allowing employees to work on remote resources such as desktops, applications, and data.

TSplus publishes applications, desktops, and files from a central server, Cloud VPS, or server farm, and provides them to employees on any device using the TSplus App or through the TSplus HTML5 Client.


Easy to use, flexible, and safe


TSplus is a comprehensive virtual application and desktop delivery solution that allows your employees to access and use applications and data from any device. Seamless and easy to deploy, configure, and maintain, TSplus is the perfect replacement and low-cost solution for Microsoft RDS and Citrix.

The TSplus solution brings extraordinary benefits to organizations, including advanced security, centralized desktop/application management, and lower IT overhead. TSplus makes remote access faster, more convenient, and more affordable. It enables organizations to provide employees with the required fully functional virtual Windows desktops and applications.

TSplus allows users to maintain work efficiency anywhere by providing a Windows desktop like experience on any device. TSplus not only significantly improves Windows' capabilities, but now also supports smartphones and tablets.


Make your employees work actively


TSplus creates a virtual workspace model by accessing online resources anytime and anywhere, bringing more flexibility to employees' work.

BYOD, CYOD, and remote work plans can be quickly implemented to ensure enterprise data security and improve productivity.

TSplus is conducive to establishing a new corporate culture where employees can work on familiar devices without space or time constraints.




1. Assign applications to users or teams


TSplus Application Publishing can help administrators assign applications to users or teams. With just a few simple steps, administrators can quickly identify and deploy applications installed on TSplus servers. In this way, the administrator can select available applications and provide them to the administrator for selection.

The Application Control TSplus Wizard allows administrators to easily assign these applications to users and teams so they can start using these published applications and desktops.


2. TSplus HTML5 client


TSplus users can also provide seamless access to their business applications for employees on any HTML5 enabled browser (including mobile devices).

With just a few clicks, IT administrators can personalize the TSplus HTML5 Client based on their corporate brand. The Personalization Wizard is very simple and easy to use. Personalize the HTML5 Client through corporate color combinations and logos, and reflect the corporate brand on all HTML5 browsers. Different themes can reflect the cultural spirit of the enterprise.

The TSplus HTML5 Client allows employees to quickly use any printer connected to local devices without causing trouble for them or IT managers. Using TSplus, the printing wizard is very fast and simple, without the need for further configuration. The printing task is presented in a universal PDF format on the server and sent to the local printing subsystem. The local printer prints PDF tasks by using a local print driver. By using the TSplus Universal Printer feature, you do not need to install it on the server


3. Install the printer driver.


Full screen applications: Mac and PC applications automatically adjust to fit the entire screen, allowing the application to showcase details perfectly and making it easier for users to use.

Optimize screen clarity: Choose the best reading effect for larger text or images, or have smaller text and better details to obtain more information. The TSplus HTML5 Client provides intelligent display resolution that supports DPI scaling.

Files and folders: Easily access files and folders from any device through secure connections that do not leak your assets or intellectual property. TSplus supports remote user operations


4. Universal Printing


The universal printing of TSplus Remote Application Server allows users to print on the local client while connecting to the Windows system.

Out of the box and easy to operate, TSplus Universal Printing can improve printing performance and response time when employees use local printing through server-based desktops or virtual applications.

When using TSplus universal printing, there is no need to install local printer drivers on the server. The universal print drive will accept any printing task, compress it, and then send it back to the local server in PDF format.


5. Server Manager


The TSplus Gateway Farm Manager guides administrators in establishing a server farm and adding new TSplus application servers to the server farm in just a few steps. The administrator only needs to use the IP address and activate it to add a new TSplus application server.


6. Easy internet access


Remote applications can be opened from the TSplus Application Server through the TSplus RemoteApp Client or accessed through the TSplus Web Portal. The devices in the TSplus RemoteApp Client can be configured in advance so that users can use the PortableClientGenerator.



7. Maximize flexibility


TSplusRemote Application Server can be accessed directly from any HTML 5 browser, allowing users to work more freely on any device anytime, anywhere.



8. Scalability of TSplus


By using pre built VM templates and installation scripts, IT administrators can deploy and add new TSplus application servers, while the TSplus Gateway will increase infrastructure to meet peak or steadily increasing workload requirements.


9. Network access from any device


Seamless browsing of applications and data anywhere in any browser, desktop, and mobile device. In order to ensure high work efficiency for employees, the TSplus HTML5 Client can provide the same working environment regardless of the device they use.



10. Authorized mobile office


The TSplus App enables end customers to efficiently work on smartphones and desktops while accessing applications, remote desktops, or data. The TSplus app makes it easier to use applications and desktops.


11. Mobile Printing


Through Tsplus's outstanding universal redirection technology, IOS and Android devices can be used for local printing。


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