Mobile Mark 25 is a benchmark testing software developed by Futuremark, primarily used to evaluate and test the performance of mobile devices. This software mainly evaluates the performance of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and measures the overall performance and battery life of the devices through a series of tests.

The testing content of Mobile Mark 25 mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Application performance testing: testing application startup speed, switching speed, multitasking processing ability, etc.

2. Graphics performance test: Test the graphics processing ability of the device, including 3D rendering, game performance, etc.

3. Battery endurance test: Test the battery endurance of the device, including its performance in different usage scenarios such as video playback and web browsing.

4. System stability test: Test the stability of the equipment during long-term use, and detect whether there are issues such as overheating and crashes.

The test results of the Mobile Mark 25 can help users understand the performance status of their devices, enabling targeted optimization or selection of more suitable hardware configurations. At the same time, the software can also be used to compare the performance differences between different devices, providing consumers with a reference basis.

Unlike PCMark, Mobile Mark 25 is a software specifically designed for testing mobile devices, and the testing content and methods are more closely related to the usage scenarios of mobile devices. In addition, the Mobile Mark 25 also offers multiple different versions of testing modules to meet the needs of different users.

MobileMark 25 only uses unmodified retail versions of real-world applications for measurement, and comes with new and updated versions such as Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, and Adobe Creative Cloud, without the need to purchase or install them separately. This ensures fair and accurate comparisons across multiple systems.


Main features of MobileMark 25:

The new MobileMark index. The MobileMark index score combines DC performance score and battery life score into one indicator, helping users find the best compromise between performance and battery life to meet their needs.

The updated and embedded versions of the world's most commonly used third-party applications do not require additional installation or purchase costs.

Including the 'Brightness Analyzer', which is an exclusive innovation of the screen calibration utility.

Compatible with real-time internet connectivity.

Part of BAPCo's selected online results database.


Minimum system requirements:

DC battery powered machines

CPU: 2015 or newer x86 processor (Intel 6th generation Core or AMD 7000 series APU)

Memory: 8GB

HDD/SSD: 25GB of free space on the main drive

Operating System: Microsoft ® Windows ® 10 64 bit version 19H2 or higher, Windows 11 build 194 or higher*

Resolution: 1280 × 800 or 1366 × seven hundred and sixty-eight

Graphics card: 2GB graphics memory

Other: Wireless router

Supported languages: English (United States)

Other languages to be added in future updates: Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish (SP)

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