BAO Boa is a mask path graphic distortion AE plugin used to create layer animations twisted along MASK mask paths. The page is simple and elegant, powerful, simple and practical, and users who need it can download and use it。




Software features

-New: Using 'Stretch to Match Vertices' can use matte vertices like Puppet Pins and obtain distortion for each segment.
-Part of the Undistrict texture. For example, bending an arm but wanting to keep the hand from deforming.
-Twist any source along any mask path
-Rotate and twist along the path
-The official version of BAO Boa fully controls the start, end, proportion, and z-position along the path
-Grid definition and subsampling enable complete quality control
-Squeeze and contour in 3D!
-Reactions to cameras and lighting
-BAO Boa official version ultra fast rendering
-Fully native plugin


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